Find the beauty of nature and culture on Serangan Island

The beauty of Serangan Island is famous for its amazing panorama with white sand and high waves. (photo: IO/Prive. Doc)

IO – The beauty of the island of Gods, Bali has become its own fa­vorite for both local and foreign tour­ists. However, maybe not many people know that in Bali there is a remote is­land. Precisely located to the south of Sanur Beach. The area is quite large about 73 hectares and is inhabited by local residents. To reach it by land, there is only a bridge that connects be­tween Bali and the island, which can only be traversed when the sea water recedes. Conversely, if the sea water is high, the bridge cannot be passed again.

The name of this island is “Seran­gan Island” or many also call it Turtle Island (Pulau Penyu). Serangan Island is a Green Turtle breeding place (so-called Turtle Island). And at certain times there are interesting moments that can be witnessed directly on this island, namely the process of releasing Green Turtle children or what is called Tukik to the sea. For those of you who want to visit Serangan Island, you can also use a boat by starting from Sa­nur, Suwung or from Tanjung Benoa.

Apart from watching the turtles here, you can also capture the beauty of Serangan Island which is famous for its beautiful bebeachaches and high waves. When the rainy season comes, the implications of an increase in waves tends to be high which usually occurs in November – April. So it is recom­mended that when visiting Serangan Island don’t forget to bring a camera which is very useful for capturing im­portant moments such as sunset and releasing swoops into the sea.

Serangan Island also has mangrove forests which is unfortunate that the sustainability of its ecosystem has been slightly disturbed. To prevent this, local residents and also activists of nature conservation work together to plant new mangrove seeds. Man­grove forests play a significant role because they have a role in preserving nature. The majority of the island’s inhabitants are fishermen who have been the work of some of the Seran­gan people since the days of the king­dom. Initially they were fishermen from Makassar and went to sea in the Serangan waters. Until now, the descendants of Bugis ethnic fisher­men still live and develop for several generations who become permanent residents of this region.

Nautical tourism destinations in Serangan waters are indeed no less interesting than other marine tourism such as in Nusa Dua, Kuta, Legian, Sanur. Many travel agents take their guests or tourists to visit various wa­ter tourism games such as jet skiing, parasailing and others.

“Often I bring my guests here (Serangan). This place is indeed our travel agenda, because here is great, tourists are happy,” said one of the tour guides at Serangan.

In addition to natural attractions such as sea views, Serangan Island also has historical attractions that you should visit. On this island, there is a temple built since the 10th century AD by Mpu Kuturan and Mpu Rajaker­tha. The building adopted the concept brought from Majapahit, East Java. Pujawali or piodalan or large religious ceremonies are held every 210 days or coincide with Kuningan. Sakenan Temple is often used as a place to wor­ship Hindus. Because Sakenan Tem­ple is full of history, many tourists of­ten visit and capture photos. If you are going to enter the temple, you must follow the rules, including not having menstruation for women, dressing modestly by wearing a cloth cover on your body or traditional clothes and asking permission from the temple ad­ministrator if you will enter the area. (Aldo)