Finch Coffee and Kitchen, a hidden eco urban spot in Sentul

The eco urban café with all red brick exterior walls has a cozy ambience. (photo: IO/Aldo)

IO – This weekend will be a long one as Indonesia celebrates its 74th year of independence on 17 August 2019. Why not take time to strengthen your bond with your family by taking a culinary tour of Bogor? It’s close to Jakarta, making it a nice alternative destination at only slightly further than your usual city haunts. But today, we are not talking about a spot in Bogor city. We will be talking about Sentul city instead.

Sentul is a mountain town located in the District of Babakan Madang, Regency of Bogor, just east of Bogor city proper. It has the same cool air and unexpectedly sophisticated cool dishes, served in places such as Finch Coffee & Kitchen. 

Finch’s is an eco-urban restaurant recently opened in January 2018 in the Cultural Park of Sentul complex. It is a 2-story building resembling a Western country house, with its characteristic red brick walls draped with luxuriant, soothing green vines. The inside also shows a rustic, eco-modern vibe. The café’s walls are paneled in wood and set with large windows, providing visitors with a glorious view of the greenery outside. It allows a lot of sunshine to enter the room and provides natural lighting into the dining area. There is also the terrace on the ground floor and the balcony on the upper floor for those who want to dine outside and enjoy the breeze. 

The Finch’s menu is a mixture of Asian and Western fusion dishes. One of the most favorite dishes here is the donburi sambal hijau (rice and meat bowl with green chili paste). It’s the classic Japanese donburi complemented with a local condiment: slices of sirloin seasoned with salt and pepper and stir-fried with slices of onion, served in a bowl of white rice with a scrambled egg. The steak slices are quite big and juicy. They are tender and easy to chew, and the simple seasonings simply add to the taste of homeliness. The sambal ijo is also very mild and gentle. However, the scrambled egg is too soft and milky for me, even though it is the kind of complex texture one can expect in a donburi.

Other recommended dishes include pastas and burgers, good alternatives for those among you who like the robust taste of Western dishes.

Finch Coffee & Kitchen is a good choice for those of us seeking to escape urban noise for a while. As expected, Finch’s provides its own signature coffee beverages, such as double espresso, long black, flat white, and piccolo for lovers of strong black brews. Those of us who prefer something sweet with their cup of Java can try items such avocado coffee, iced Nutella coffee, or iced Finch latte served with vanilla ice cream. (Aldo)