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Ferdy Sambo makes first public appearance to undergo code of ethics trial


Ferdy Sambo Sidang Kode Etik
Code of ethics trial to rule on sanctions for ex-police internal affairs division chief Ferdy Sambo. (IO/Muhammad Hidayat)

He explained that the trial is carried out to decide what sanctions would be imposed on Ferdy Sambo for the crimes he committed. The sanctions will be dispensed today.

“It will be determined today in accordance with the directive of the National Police Chief, everything will run in parallel and the investigation process must be fast tracked by the investigation team,” said Dedi.

Surat Ferdy Sambo
Ferdy Sambo’s handwritten apology letter. (Special Doc.)

Apology letter

Before the ethics trial was held, Ferdy Sambo apologized to all parties impacted by his case. He wrote a handwritten apology letter signed by himself.

Ferdy Sambo’s lawyer, Arman Hanis, has confirmed to Kumparan that the letter was written directly by his client.


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