Fat Shogun, where Japanese meets Peruvian

Crab Salad is an appetizer made from local chopped crab meat. The meat is arranged on top of fresh greens and decorated with salmon skin and micro greens. (photo: IO/Aldo)

IO – The Mega Kuningan region has recently become a posh culinary destination. The presence of the Fat Shogun is one of the many causes. Occupying the Rooftop level at one of the wings of the BTPN Tower, this restaurant offers a style of Nikkei cuisine that brings together Japanese culinary traditions with those of Peru. The style is not yet common in Jakarta, but the founder of this place wants to bring something different. And not only wants to be different, because they are also convinced that this concept is acceptable to Indonesian tastes. One of their inspirations is none other than the Nobu restaurant chain that has occupied 30 locations around the world with Nikkei style cuisine. I am sure, if you come to this restaurant, you will be satisfied with the quality of this restaurant. Why? because they have a very cool atmosphere and good food that you must try.

I really like the atmosphere of this restaurant: they have a very modern Japanese design. The main room is very spacious with beautiful ornaments that adorn the place; as far as the eye can see, they use many wood elements, such as on the floor and several other angles. They also provide VIP rooms and open spaces. The VIP room is also spacious, with furniture such as sofas to complement this room. And on the outside, the scenery here is very urban, because it directly faces the Jakarta city building.

Fresh and healthy, it’s worth representing the dishes available at Fat Shogun. Crab Salad, an appetizer, is made from chopped local crab meat that is fat and tender. The meat is arranged on top of green vegetables that are still fresh and crispy, decorated with salmon skin and microgreens on top, which at the same time enriches the texture. But what is addictive is none other than sesame sauce dressings. Savory and balanced acid. Still talking about freshness, culinary adventures to the Nikkei tradition must also be filled with the ceviche menu. When appetite has been awakened by salads and ceviche, the Fat Shogun nigiri collection is waiting to be tasted. Trufa Wagyu, which is Wagyu beef aburi with black truffle paste and tobiko sprinkles, is the first one I tried. It feels exactly as expected, from Wagyu alloy with black truffles.

Overall, I really enjoyed my visit to the Fat Shogun restaurant. The food tastes very delicious, the service is exceptional, and the place is very comfortable. The outdoor areas were my favorite place to visit in this restaurant. Make sure you don’t miss the combination of good food and atmosphere when visiting Fat Shogun. You can sit with your friends for a longer time to enjoy dessert and coffee, whilst absorbing the aesthetics of the restaurant’s extraordinary design space.  (Aldo)