Wednesday, May 29, 2024 | 22:52 WIB

Faldo: Jokowi has nothing to do with three-term presidency discourse


Jakarta, IO – State Secretary’s special staffer Faldo Maldini said the discourse to extend the presidential term limit was not ordered by President Joko Widodo, but rather the aspirations of political party elites and the public.

“I have answered this question many times over. The president has also responded that he obeys the Constitution and remain loyal to the oath of office. So, the issue does not need to be prolonged,” Faldo told reporters, Wednesday (6/4).

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The government, he added, is currently focusing on dealing with the pandemic, Eid exodus, and rising commodities price.

“I hope that we don’t readily assume that the order came from the president, that he also desires it. We have a system. This is based on the aspirations of political parties and community groups, so everyone is free to express their opinion,” he said.


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