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Explosives storage warehouse at Brimob HQ Surabaya explodes, injuring 10 personnel


Jakarta, IO – An explosion occurred at the Bomb Squad (Gegana) Detachment Headquarters of the East Java Police Mobile Brigade Unit on Jalan Gresik, Surabaya, East Java, Monday (4/3) morning. The explosion injured 10 Brimob personnel who were training in one of the rooms located close to the warehouse, per Okezone, Tue (5/3).

East Java Regional Police Laboratory head Commissioner Sodiq Pratama revealed that the remnant explosives which were originally intended to be destroyed were of low explosives type and were thought to have reacted after being exposed to sunlight.

“Low explosives are very sensitive to movement, heat and pressure. High explosives are actually safer, they are not as sensitive,” he explained.

East Java Regional Police Chief Inspector General Imam Sugianto the injuries were mostly caused by shattered glass. The distance from the explosion location to the training ground is around 10 meters. However, he confirmed that the victims only had minor injuries.

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Apart from that, Imam explained that the explosion also caused damage to buildings around the premises, including the collapse of the ceiling at the Krembangan District Office, which was 100 meters from the location.

Witnesses said there were two explosions, the second one louder than the first. As a result of the explosion, a number of roads were closed for three hours, from 10.15am to 1.15pm WIB. Officers put up barricades to divert the traffic until the situation is deemed safe. (un)


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