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Exploring the works of Benyamin Suaeb through Biang Kerok exhibition

Benyamin Suaeb
Benyamin Suaeb
Benyamin Suaeb
Benyamin Suaeb
Benyamin Suaeb
Benyamin Suaeb
Benyamin Suaeb
Benyamin Suaeb
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Jakarta, IO – Visitors observe the archives of works by legendary Betawi artist Benyamin Suaeb on display at the National Awakening Museum, Jakarta.

This archival exhibition titled “Biang Kerok” (culprit) showcases various works by the late Benyamin Suaeb in the national music and film scene will run until July 14. More than 70 archives including photographs, film song excerpts, lyric sheets and radio program recordings are displayed comprehensively and attractively. That way, visitors can listen to the songs directly and see photos of Benjamin at the height of his popularity.

Benjamin Suaeb is known as a versatile Betawi artist. Affectionately known by his nickname “Bang Ben”, the man who was born on March 5, 1938 died on September 5, 1995. Aside from being an actor and comedian, he was also known as a singer through his songs which are still very much relevant to the life of the younger generation.

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His career as an artist began in the late 1950s through the music group Melody Boys which later became known as Melodi Ria. Throughout his life, Benyamin Suaeb has produced more than 75 music albums. Some of his popular songs are Ondel-Ondel, Sang Bango, Kompor Meleduk, and many more.

(IO/Septo Kun Wijaya)

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