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Explore the beauty of Phi Phi Islands


IO – Have you vacationed to an island often? Every now and then you need to cross to Phi Phi island. Phi Phi is one of the islands in Thailand that is famous amongst foreign tourists. Phi-phi Islands or in Thai called “Koh Phi-phi” is an archipelago located in the southern part of Thailand, 38 km from Krabi. Phi phi Islands can be said to be one of the best destinations for tourists when visiting Thailand.

Starting from the beauty of white beaches between the cliffs of Karst, to beach parties all night with local residents and other tourists. I had gone to Koh Phi Phi Leh & Maya Bay. Koh Phi Phi Leh is one of the island’s hopping island destinations where there is a Maya Beach tourist spot that is very famous. This island was used as a movie location for “The Beach”, and indeed this place is very beautiful.

Vertical cliffs are covered in stunning green foliage, as if fortifying small beaches and tropical coral seas. Koh Phi Phi Leh is the second largest uninhabited island in the Phi Phi archipelago. Inside is a beautiful beach called “Maya Bay.” The beautiful white beach with tropical plants, and its crystal clear water, Koh Phi Phi Leh is a perfect place for snorkeling activities. Besides snorkeling, tourists can rent a boat to go around this amazing island.

Distance between Maya Bay from Phi Phi pier is not too far away, it located behind the hill on the front side of the island. With a long tail boat, we need about 30 minutes to Maya Bay, if you use a speedboat the distance is faster, which is around 15 minutes. When I got there, I fell in love with the view of Maya Bay. The combination of greenish seawater and white sand surrounded by small hills makes Maya Bay look very exotic. The water is very clear and clean. But unfortunately, it can only be enjoyed for one hour. One hour was used to swim on the beach by my friends. For those who cannot swim, try not to go too far to the middle of the beach because the beach base has rocky depth above 1 meter and the reef is quite sharp. So it’s better to play on the beach just like what I did

After a satisfied day with swimming, in the late afternoon, we prepared to return to the hotel to prepare for the next event. Arriving at the hotel we were very excited about this event. The sun had begun to sink while waiting for food to be served we were invited to hunt crabs. The crabs that are sought are not those in the sea, but in the middle of the island. It’s called the chicken crab, because male crabs will crow like chickens to lure female crabs. Another peculiarity of this crab, they can also climb trees.

After finishing crab hunting, we hurried to have dinner with chicken barbeque, some beach parties and the strains of music and the sound of the beautiful waves. The night sky began to blacken because the time had already shown midnight. We were suddenly told to get on a sailing boat for a while and pay attention to the sea water under the darkened sky. Sea water is being stirred by oars and seen flickering down there, yes it is a sea firefly or plankton.

This plankton twinkles beautifully when the water moves, in every flick of the hand it gets even more sparkling down there and yes we can put our hands or face into the water to enjoy it. All of us were hypnotized by this natural phenomenon. We were screaming happily in the midst of the night. So, let’s enjoy a vacation on an island with a different nature atmosphere. (Mahrayuni)




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