Exploration of three hidden beaches in Lombok

Selong Belanak Beach has a stretch of white sand, a hidden heaven surrounded by hills. The beach has a 1 km long coast line and directly faces the Indian Ocean. (photo: Pramitha Hendra)

IO – Vacationing in Lombok,Nusa Tenggara West(NTB) is always fun. This area has one thousand interesting destinations to explore. Its nature, culture, heritage, historical to its culinary delights are endless, to be explored when visiting there. There are some new destinations that can be visited by local and foreign tourists. The hidden paradise is very much like the Selong Belanak Beach, Semeti Beach, and Telawas Beach in Praya, Central Lombok.

“Lombok’s beauty has no end. The charm of it is able to hypnotize tourists. It is even able to become a shadow of Bali’s charm. Especially in the cluster of Selong Belanak Beach, there are many beautiful beaches that have become a hidden paradise. That’s why the lucky ones who are currently enjoying the Nyale Aroma Festival, the bonus is key,” said Tourism Minister Arief Yahya.

It is not wrong for the three beaches to be called a hidden paradise. Although currently on the rise, the three are still very beautiful. One of them is the natural beauty of the beach, Selong Belanak, has beautiful white sand. Become a hidden paradise with a stretch of hill around it. As part of Teluk Selong Belanak, this beach has an edge of about 1 Kilometer and is directly opposite the Indian Ocean. Head of Area II Regional III Marketing at Deputy for Marketing I, Hendri Noviardi, said that every beach on Lombok Island has unique characteristics and charms. Selong Belanak has a curved coastline like a crescent moon with several hills on the edge of the crescent.

“This is the uniqueness of the beaches in Lombok. Very characteristic. Like it understands what the tourists need,” he said.

It is different from Semeti Beach adjacent to Mawi Beach. On this beach there is a vast expanse of rock. This makes us linger while looking for sea animals that are lost among the rocks. Its beauty is able to make immortalized photos extraordinary.

If Mawi beach is full of surfers, Semeti is full of silence, really quiet. Only those who like hunters enjoy the beauty of an ambitious beach to conquer. Moreover, plus the blazing sun does not smooth the legs to step on the rocks of Semeti beach. Likewise, Semeti Beach, the beach is slowly but surely starting to attract attention from tourists. Semeti Beach is a beach white sand and rocks arranged into a hill. The exotic black color makes the people really like the beach which is located in Mekarsari Village, Pujut District, Central Lombok.

The scenery is cool. Especially enjoyed from the top of the hill. The small Gili-Gili group at 100 meters from the shoreline adds to this exotic beach. At a glance it is like in Raja Ampat Papua. This is the selling point of Semeti, perfecto.

“Please come and see for yourself how exotic Lombok is. It is not wrong if Madalika is the fastest growing tourism priority area. Even this year investors have planned to make a MotoGP circuit there. Because of its tremendous potential, “said Regional III Deputy Marketing Development I Muh Ricky Fauziyani.

Responsible for the Calendar of Events (CoE) Kemenpar Esthy Reeko Astuty moment Enchantment Festival organizing Nyale Aroma that is currently deployed is to revive a variety of advantages of Lombok tourism. For him, Lombok is like a pearl fragment that slowly starts to look sparkling after hit by an earthquake a while ago.

Lombok is very safe; there is nothing to worry about for tourists visiting here. Those who have never been to Lombok are guaranteed to regret missing it, especially there are a lot of hidden paradises that are beautiful and worth visiting. Yes, for example these three beaches mentioned above. (Pramitha Hendra)