Exotic Sunyarangi Cave in Cirebon

(Photo: Mia Kamila)

IO – The city of Cirebon is famous for its various historical legends. This city, which is located on the north coast, was not spared from a trace of the spread of Islam by Sunan Gunung Jati. Besides, Cirebon itself has many palaces. 

One of the heritage sites of the sultans in Cirebon is Sunyarangi Cave. Unlike other caves, Sunyarangi Cave is more like a gate and a building made of rock. 

That said, this place has existed since 1529 with Hindu, Islamic, Chinese and European architecture. It is not difficult to find this Sunyarangi Cave, because it is located on the side of bypass road Brigadier General Dharsono. 

Historically, this cave was a place of rest, meditation, and physical and mental training by the sultans and members of the kingdom. 

Several buildings in this cave complex have their respective functions in the past. Mande Beling, for example, is usually used by the sultan to rest while visiting Sunyaragi. Mande Beling is in the form of a joglo with wooden fences with broken glass attached to the building. 

Jinem Cave is the place for the sultan to give direction or advice to his followers. It was also used by the sultan and royal members to watch soldiers who are practicing combat technique or martial arts. 

Pengawal Cave functioned as a gathering place for the sultan’s guards. Then there is the Pande Kemasan Cave, which was used to make weapons such as keris, spears, and other metal items. 

There is also Peteng Cave which is the darkest area. The area is used for solitude to gain spiritual and physical immunity. 

In this cave, it is said that there is a passageway of approximately 12 kilometers through to Mount Jati. 

Right at the entrance to Peteng Cave, there is a statue of the Virgin Sunti; some people believe that those who are not married will find it difficult to find a mate if they touch the statue., 

In this cave complex, there are also Kaputran and Keputren Rooms where the sons and daughters of the sultan undergo indoctrination. 

Sunyarangi Cave itself has an area of 1.5 hectares. Inside there are several parts of the cave that you can explore. Besides that, you can also take pictures with the cave behind you. 

To visit Sunyarangi Cave, it is recommended to come late in the afternoon when the sun is not too hot. (Mia Kamila)