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Examining prospects under President Joko Widodo’s visits to East Asia


President Joko Widodo


The occuring dynamics in the world and in the region that are directly related to Indonesia, have changed Indonesia’s perspective in dealing with security politics. This is of course inseparable from Indonesia’s own interests in improving economic growth after the COVID-19 pandemic, but also to maintain economic stability and world peace in a sustainable manner. 

With many agendas that become mutual interest with ASEAN and East Asian countries (China, Japan, South Korea), President Joko Widodo’s visit this time can be used as an effort to strengthen that cooperation and commitment. Indonesia’s rotating leadership in the 2023 ASEAN chair is one of the reasons for the importance of President Jokowi’s diplomatic trip this time. 

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There are many hopes that Indonesia brings to President Jokowi’s visits, but the expected results will certainly not be instant and depend on the next stakeholder’s move. What Indonesia and ASEAN are trying to do is the best that can be done. Although there is a lot of criticism, in fact, it all comes back to how this world system operates. Instead of being busy changing the existing system, Indonesia chose the middle way of “how to find opportunities” in today’s world dynamics. 

Hafizha Dwi Ulfa is a research assistant of Indonesian International Relations Study Center (IIRS-Center) Jakarta with focus analysis in ASEAN, East Asia, Indo-Pacific, Poverty, and Sustainable Development studies.


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