Examining prospects under President Joko Widodo’s visits to East Asia

President Joko Widodo

Strengthening regional and world peace stability 

Talking about the economy, will not be separated from political security. Economic cooperation is considered a soft diplomacy venture that is capable to reduce conflict and maintain regional stability. 

Southeast Asia is located in the middle of the Indo-Pacific region, where this region dynamic is filled with uncertainty and high conflict intensity as a result of the rivalry between the United States and its allies (The Quad) with China. Thus promoting regional peace through the ASEAN Outlook on the Indo-Pacific and affirming the ASEAN centrality are important agendas that Indonesia continues to strive for as the initiation-providing country. AOIP goals will be reaffirmed by Indonesia in its ASEAN rotating chair in 2023. 

Moreover, to actualize Indonesia’s vision of the Global Maritime Fulcrum (GMF), as a geopolitical vision as well as the manifestation of a national goal stated in the fourth paragraph of UUD 1945 constitution, the global maritime fulcrum can be positioned as Indonesia’s national maritime goal facing the great power rivalries in the Indo-Pacific region.

 Marine issues are broad and lead to the involvement of other collaborations such as connectivity, sustainable development, and the economy. Therefore, in line with the vision of Indonesia’s global maritime fulcrum, developing maritime cooperation which has become a problem in ASEAN Plus Three countries is relevant being the joint agendas. 

Apart from the Indo-Pacific issue, international issues such as the impact of the Ukraine-Russia conflict are things that need to be discussed together, considering that East Asian countries also play an important role in maintaining global stability.