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Evaluating geospatial information development through GeoIcon ITS


IO, Surabaya – Responding to the importance of geographic information for the utilization of natural resources in Indonesia, Geomatics Engineering Department of Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) Surabaya held a Geomatics International Conference (GeoIcon) at Swiss Hotel Belinn-Manyar on Thursday (12 / 7). With the attendance of the Chairman of the Indonesian Geospatial Information Agency (BIG), Prof. Dr. Ir. Hasanuddin Zainal Abidin M Sc and CEO of Magellan System Japan Inc., Nobuhiro Kishimoto, the conference discussed the development of more accurate geospatial information.

An opening lecture was delivered by ITS Rector Prof. Ir Joni Hermana MSc ES PhD, and Hasanuddin Zainal Abidin explained how geospatial information is important. “Geospatial itself is information that shows the position of an object that is under, on, or on the surface of the earth with reference to a coordinate system.”

He detailed how with information in the form of sufficient spatial data, the wealth of natural resources that exist in Indonesia would be able to be utilized properly. “Unfortunately, geospatial information that has been available in Indonesia is not so detailed,” said the former Dean of Faculty of Science and Technology Earth at ITB.

He added that the majority of geospatial data exist in Indonesia is still on a scale of 1: 50,000. This data he values as ​​less accurate, given the need for spatial data needed by an agency or institution is on a scale of 1: 5,000. With the demands of accuracy, it takes a lot of human resources. “Indonesia is a vast country; it takes a lot of surveyors to create detailed geospatial data,”

He claims inaccuracies in existing data can lead to social conflicts. “For that reason, BIG has launched the One Map Policy to avoid possible problems,” he continued.

Supporting the policy, GeoIcon also invited the CEO of a Japanese spatial data provider, Nobuhiro Kishimoto to participate. This research-based company uses a sophisticated technology that is able to provide data with a high degree of accuracy. He claims that with this technology, the solution of One Map Policy that confounded the Indonesian government can be completed more accurately.

“We have satellites that are quite sensitive, as well as software such as GPS (global positioning system) with sufficient accuracy,” he said. By using drones for shooting, he continued, data obtained is quite clear. Nobuhiro also said they would be happy to share if Indonesia needs help with this spatial data.

Meanwhile, Head of Geomatics Engineering Department of ITS, Muhammad Nur Cahyadi ST MSc PhD, said GeoIcon is a place to share knowledge for ITS Geomatics Engineering students with stakeholders in this field. He pointed out how given the urgency of the procurement of geospatial data, this event also shared a theme of Geospatial Technology for Mapping the Future: Human Resource Development.

Nur explained how the conference was attended by participants domestically and from abroad. Among others, Urban Planning Agency Development (Bappeko), military agencies and related institutions took part in this international conference. “External participants came from countries such as Malaysia, Thailand and others at the conference this year; the furthest participants came from Russia and Poland,” he concluded. (ITS)


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