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European Union, Erasmus Days 2019: Contribution of Indonesian alumni to their country


IO – The Delegation of the Europe Union to Indonesia holds the Erasmus Days 2019 at the Astra Jakarta Tower on Saturday morning, October 12, 2019. The event is held to bridge the continued relationship between the Erasmus Plus scholarship recipients and as a vehicle for the sharing of alumni’s contributions for the beloved country of Indonesia, as well as a means to provide training for young people who want to follow in the footsteps of their brothers and sisters to get scholarships from countries belonging to the European Union.

European Union Ambassador to Indonesia HE Vincent Piket in front of the Erasmus + scholarship recipients who gathered at the Erasmus Days 2019 “Today for Tomorrow” said, “Since 2004, more than 1800 Indonesian students have benefited from the Erasmus+ Scholarship Program. This scholarship also provides an opportunity for more than 500 students and European lecturers from Europe to take short-term education or teach at various universities in Indonesia. The large number of scholarship recipients and alumni from Indonesia has an extraordinary potential for their work in the country and throughout the world. Indonesian alumni develop professional careers in various fields and contribute to solving global problems. “

Furthermore, Mr. Piket added, “The youth movement in climate action is evidence of increasing awareness in the community that climate change is a serious problem that cannot be ignored. Various initiatives taken by young Indonesians as we witness today, are not only to save the earth today, but also are a legacy for the next generation of the nation. The activity, which is held today, is a form of the European Union’s commitment to encourage a multilateral framework on global action on climate change, through a variety of actors and partners.

Erasmus+ Alumni President of Indonesia, Communication and Alumni Engagement, Hanif Falah explaines that the event is an opportunity for alumni to offer solutions to common problems that are prioritized. “This year we raise the theme of the environment, the elimination of the use of disposable plastics, and waste treatment, which is an urgent issue and a global concern at this time,” he explained.

While other alumni, namely Azka Hasna actively produces and markets environmentally friendly goods that replace the function of disposable plastics such as straws and plastic bags under her small business “Untuk Bumi” (“For the Earth”).

Erasmus Days also presented a discussion on how the European Union could further assist Indonesian young people in anticipating climate change, provide consultations on Erasmus + scholarships, as well as short training on writing a scholarship proposal letter to open opportunities for more Indonesian students to benefit from Erasmus + (ohw)


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