European Union Embassy: The European Union supports Indonesian Higher Education through “Erasmus Plus”

(Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO – The Erasmus Plus conducted a socialization program, which is a European Union-funded program, and a form of support for higher education institutions in Indonesia at Menara Astra, on 28 November 2019. The event was opened by Mr. Margus Solnson, Head of the Political, Press and Information Section of the European Union for Indonesia, and was attended by Mr. Purwanto Subroto, PhD, the Head of the Sub-Directorate of Higher Education Cooperation, Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia. 

On his opening remarks Vincent Piket, the Ambassador of the European Union to Indonesia said, “Erasmus Plus is a flagship program of the European Union that is present in various locations throughout the world, where Indonesia is one of our main partners. To date, as many as 34 universities in Indonesia have partnered with Erasmus Plus, and this is an extraordinary achievement. Erasmus Plus is very relevant and strategic in strengthening our commitment to help build the quality of human resources which are currently a priority of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia. At the individual level, the opportunity to be exposed to international teaching and learning experiences has shaped the insights and character of students and the Indonesian academic community. Of course, through this program, friendship between countries has also been well developed.’ 

Meanwhile, Ni Putu Sri Harta Mimba, the Director of the Center for International Programs / INSPIRE & UNITED Project Coordinator of Udayana University, Bali said, “Through the support of capacity building for higher education provided by the European Union Erasmus Plus program, we have succeeded in building excellence in the field of Social Entrepreneurship through the INSPIRE project, in the field of Automotive Design (automotive engineering) through the UNITED project, as well as improving teaching-based approaches exact science (STEM-based). We also continue to strengthen the relationship and mobilization of national and international students, where we regularly receive as many as 800 students from the University of Dortmund, Germany each year, to study at Udayana University, Bali. In general, this partnership also helps us bridge various gaps in the teaching and learning process so far.” 

The International Relations Study Program, Muhammadiyah University Yogyakarta Sugito said, “We feel the enormous benefits of cooperation with the European Union Erasmus Plus. Through the Jean Monet program, the European Union Study in our study program is growing very rapidly. We currently have a Module on EU International Relations Studies, as well as applying various other creative approaches such as e-learning, and familiarization of the EU Model so students can learn diplomacy, decision-making, and European Union-style policy making. “ 

A.Y. Agung Nugroho, the Department Head of MBA Program, Atma Jaya Catholic University expressed his opinion, “Atma Jaya Catholic University participated in the European Union’s International Credit Mobility (ICM) program for 2015-2018. Every year we send 20 students and 3-4 lecturers to experience teaching and learning in Germany. Students even spend 1 semester to study there, and enjoy the full support of tuition fees, pocket money, and transportation costs to and from Indonesia. They also have a learning experience in a cross-cultural international environment. Upon their return to our homeland, we saw a very significant change; their confidence increased, their critical thinking power increased, their ability to present and speak in public improved, their use of English became smoother, their learning became more active and their discipline became better. Of course, knowledge concerning the substance of study topics is also increasing.” (OHW)