Eryneta, Nani and Azis win 1st place in LKTIN thanks to Go-Bung

Go-Bung application, based on educational games. (Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Solo – Students of the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP), Sebelas Maret University (UNS) Surakarta, Central Java, have won first place in the National Scientific Writing Competition (LKTIN) Communication Forum (Forkom) FKIP throughout Indonesia. This year the LKTIN Forkom FKIP was held at Jember State University (Unej), East Java. In its implementation, the competition continues to be held online, considering the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. 

The competition, entitled “Writing A Scientific Paper and Scientific Presentation” in the framework of the LKTIN Forkom FKIP, was attended by Eryneta Nurul Hasanah from the 2017 Javanese Language Education Study Program, Nani Muftihah from the 2017 Indonesian Language Education Study Program, and Abdul Azis, a Teacher Education Study Program Elementary School (PGSD) batch 2018 member. Presentation of the LKTIN Forkom FKIP’s finalists took place on Thursday (8/6/2020). 

On Sunday (8/9/2020), an announcement of the winner: Eryneta and her friends were declared as having won first place at this prestigious event. Under the guidance of Cucuk Wawan Budiyanto, S.T., Ph.D. and Dr. Mardiyana, M.Sc., Eryneta and her friends succeeded in conducting research entitled “Development of Go-Bung (Golek Tembung) Application As An Innovation of Android-Based Javanese Vocabulary for Children”. From this research, the Go-Bung application, based on Android was created. 

Eryneta admitted that the competition was held in English. “The title is English because this competition is in English. Articles, posters, presentations, questions and answers are in English,” said Eryneta as quoted by, Friday (8/14/2020). 

Go-Bung educational game application based on Android. When opening this application, users will be asked to find a word or “tembung” in Javanese to get points. There are several levels in this game. As points and levels increase, the difficulty level will increase with more letters. 

Until now, the Go-Bung application is still being developed for optimal results, so that it can be accessed by the wider community. Eryneta hopes that this achievement can motivate other students and that the Go-Bung application can be useful for the community. 

“Hopefully this victory can continue to motivate us to continue working amid the pandemic. Moreover, I have to be able to provide examples to the junior level. We see our application as potentially useful for the community, especially elementary school children,” said Eryneta. (est)