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Envisioned as a cutting-edge futuristic city, Nusantara to use flying cars as public transport


Jakarta, IO – Indonesian new capital city Nusantara plans to implement futuristic ideas, one being using flying cars or passenger drones for public transportation.

Nusantara Authority deputy for green transportation and digital technology Ali Berawi said the flying cars can carry four passengers and one pilot. They can reach a maximum speed of 200kmph and a distance of 40-50km.

“The passenger drones have been proposed by Hyundai. The plan is for them to begin operation in 2024,” said Ali.

Ali said the measure is part of Nusantara’s vision to become a smart, green and sustainable city. He did not specify the fare, but hinted it will be equivalent to a premium airport taxi.

He also said that the production cost is not as high as a helicopter, hence making its use as public transport feasible.

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“So to travel from one island to another we no longer need helicopters, just use the flying cars,” said Ali.

According to the masterplan, Nusantara will be developed in several phases until its completion in 2045. Its development is estimated to cost a staggering Rp466 trillion, with only 20 percent of which to be funded from the state budget. (un)


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