Enjoying tranquillity of Pari Island

(Photo: Pramitha Hendra)

IO – Pari Island is an alternative holiday destination for the people of Jakarta. Located in the Thousand Islands District, DKI Jakarta, the island is often a favorite when the holiday season arrives. Pari Island itself has a unique beauty among other islands because the island, which has an area of around 43 ha, has fine sand and relatively calm waves. It is thus no wonder that tourists like lingering here. 

Pari Island is famous for its Virgin Beach, at the eastern end of the island. With beautiful clean white sand, Virgin Beach stretches around 500m, surrounded by a natural mangrove forest resisting erosion; beautiful scenery stretches around the lagoon in a way you can enjoy. When the seawater recedes, you can find sea animals such as shells and starfish on the beach. You can also enjoy the panoramic sunset at the best spots of Pari Island. 

On Pari Island you will be presented with stunning natural scenery. When you’re here, it’s not like you’re in Jakarta. The beaches are clean, the seawater is clear, and the calm waves are perfect for the people of the capital city to relieve fatigue. 

The waters on this island are also unique because there is a basin in the west that serves to collect rainwater. Therefore, Pari Island holds abundant freshwater reserves, something not common in the Thousand Islands. You are also surrounded by various types of fruit trees that grow here, such as mangoes, bananas, guava, srikaya, and others. 

Besides enjoying the waves on the shoreline, you can also explore the sea around here by renting a boat. You can go fishing, snorkeling, and paddling in a canoe. It is guaranteed that a vacation on Pari Island will not be boring. 

Once tired of all the activities, you can enjoy special seafood dishes that will tickle your tongue. For lodging facilities do not need to worry, because you can rent a homestay. For those of you who like camping, you can also find spots here to set up your tent with a beach background. 

Heading to Pari Island is not difficult; it only takes 1-1.5 hours by speedboat from Kaliadem, Muara Angke, leaving at 07:30 with a ticket price of IDR 40,000. When visiting here, don’t forget to keep the beach clean. It’s best to bring a garbage bag to collect your used food and drink containers while on this island. (Pramitha Hendra)