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Enjoying the taste of Japan in Sushi Matsu


IO, Jakarta – If you are a Japanese food lover, you might be aware of the many Japanese restaurants in Jakarta. From five-star restaurants to five-feet stalls, you can easily visit all sorts of places in this city. The menu will also not be much different, but this is what is known as “Different hand feeling different”. Even though the Japanese seasoning more or less tastes the same, still a little touch will make a big difference in flavor. That is what gives me the experience of taste I found when I visited Sushi Matsu Restaurant.

You could say I am a connoisseur of typical Japanese food menus and maybe I have visited a lot of Japanese restaurants in Jakarta. When I visited Sushi Matsu, I ordered Nigiri Sushi Namia “sushi set menu” containing salmon, crab meat, cooked prawns (shrimp), tuna, octopus and an egg omelette. The appearance of this sushi set menu is truly exciting; that’s what I expressed when I saw the menu come onto my dining table. Thick sliced slices of flesh, looking very fresh, enhanced my appetite. The savory taste of the freshness of fish will immediately overcome the sense of taste.

Not only that, another menu that made me curious was gyudon truffle. A bowl of warm rice with sliced beef and half-cooked beef-eye egg dressing placed on top of it is really a very appetizing fusion food menu. The thick slices of meat meeting warm rice, mixed with melted egg yolks, give a very extraordinary taste of food, so that I did not stop stuffing my mouth.

In my opinion, the amount of rice has a big influence on the overall taste of truffle gyudon. For me, it should not be small or too much; this is very important. When I tried the gyudon truffle at this restaurant, I felt I needed more rice, at least this is my personal experience. At Sushi Matsu it might indeed have its own differences that I get in that size. And, the most essential thing in a Japanese restaurant is shoyu. Before visiting this restaurant, I always thought that the ingredients would definitely be the same in all Japanese restaurants. Because of the dozens of Japanese restaurants I have visited, I do not feel a significant difference in taste of shoyu. But here, it turns out a little dip will provide a huge difference in taste.

It’s rather hard to explain, but the different of the shoyu I have tasted is exquisite. Because I was a little curious about the different taste of the shoyu, I finally tried asking the waitress. It turns out that the shoyu served in this restaurant is homemade, aka undergoing a reprocessing process with other spices. No wonder that the taste is very different. If you are Japanese special food lover, it’s worth it for you to visit Sushi Matsu, as a standard reference for Japanese restaurants in Jakarta. (Aldo)


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