Enjoying Asian-style home food menu at FEAST by Kokiku

All the menus at FEAST by Kokiku served nusantara dishes. Black papper beef ribs and obrak abrik balacan is the most favorite food. (photo: IO/Aldo)

IO, Jakarta – The tradition of sharing food is not foreign to Indonesian people. A sense of togetherness and familiarity that arises from sharing a meal makes these habits fun and likeable by most Indonesians. For many of them, a variety of home food menus are activities that are very common. The home food menu is certainly the type of dish that is mostly missed by everyone, especially the citizens of the Jakarta. The busy daily activities make the residents of Jakarta more often eat fast-food dishes compared to the home-cooked food menu. Apart from the special way of making it because it is made directly by the mother’s hand, eating home-cooked food can indeed evoke nostalgic memories during childhood.

The comfort feeling created makes home food categorized as comfort food. Yes, comfort food itself means traditionally processed foods by following home recipes as a reference. Comfort food is also often used as a mainstay menu by several restaurants, with no exception to those by FEAST by Kokiku. Kokiku is a YouTube cooking channel that often shows cooking demonstrations by famous chefs in the country. Various dishes have been created by Nadia Hudyana’s cooking channel.

Not wanting her business to stop there, Nadia spread her wings by opening FEAST by Kokiku restaurant which she founded with her colleague chef Ray Jansan. According to him, this restaurant became a breakthrough in providing a different experience to the loyal viewers of Kokiku TV. The restaurant, located on Jalan Gunawarman No.37, South Jakarta, serves Asian comfort food which is processed based on home recipes.

“Most of the food is processed based on family recipes. The goal is that the taste of the food is closer to home,” said Ray Jansan as head chef and owner of FEAST by Kokiku.

Viewed from the menu, almost all the menus that are served are Nusantara dishes, starting from Bebek Betutu from Bali, Grilled Lempah Mackerel from Bangka, to Grilled Eggplant from Flores. However, chef Ray said, it does not rule out the possibility that later various dishes from Southeast Asia will be presented at the restaurant.

“Some of the foods served here are comfort food from their respective regions. Although most are Indonesian dishes, but we offer a little more luxury, later we will introduce other flavors from South East Asia,” he said.

Since some foods are made from family recipes, their tastes are adapted to the original taste of each cuisine in Indonesia. One of them, Fritters, which are crispy corn cakes from Manado, are served with delicious onion sauce. Then, there is Grilled Eggplant from Flores. This one dish has a spice flavor that is strong enough with a hint of spicy taste tasted. The spice flavor comes from walnut sauce which smears the roasted eggplant. Made as the main ingredient of sauce, walnuts are not evenly mashed, but the original texture is still left to feel just like that.

Other Nusantara dishes that are served are Bebek Betutu which is served on a large wooden container, complete with fragrant kecombrang rice, kelopo lawar and savory spicy matah sauce. The duck meat is really soft, so it is easily separated from the bone. Brioche Toast is presented as the last menu. Jam bread rich with vanilla ice cream and melaka sugar sauce has a rich blend of flavors. The sweetness of srikaya combined with the creamy vanilla ice cream is certainly the perfect combination of flavor as my dessert menu.

The food for sharing system is implemented here, so, all food is served in a large enough portion. The dining atmosphere feels more memorable with the decor of the room filled with hanging plants that adorn the corner of the room. Carrying the botanical garden concept, the impression of calm and comfort is so emanating from the restaurant FEAST by Kokiku.