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Enjoy the sunset, watch the surfers at Echo Beach, Bali

Jakarta, IO – Enjoying the beautiful sunsets over the waves is a most pleasurable way of spending your holiday time on the island of Bali. One of the fine beaches with this kind of perfect ambience is Echo Beach. Located in Canggu, this is undoubtedly a favourite destination for all surfers, as this sea reveals sensational waves, making it a fantastic place to pull their muscles tight against the roaring surf.

Basking in warm weather all year round, Echo Beach is also possessed by numerous places to find peace and solitude, on land and on the sea, as well as enjoying the afternoon sunsets on the horizon. One site is La Brisa Café, commonly referred as ‘La Brisa Canggu’. La Brisa Café opened in September 2017, and is run by Spanish owners who also own La Favela, La Plancha, La Sicilia, and La Laguna cafes in Bali. La Brisa is well-known for its unique concept and is considered an exclusive spot. Although it is a recent addition, every single day this club is full of local and international guests, enjoying the perfect atmosphere.

Here in La Brisa, the owner chose a beach club concept, with vintage decoration that showcases attractive sights and is an absolute joy for visitors. A typical and distinctive setting you can easily find. Also, the atmosphere at this club is identical with a feel of enjoying small island surrounded by beautiful plants and lots of scattered timber as a property to live up the experience.

La Brisa Canggu has a fairly large area with the presence of seaside infinity pool. Coconut trees are perfectly lined up giving a shady space for the visitors to enjoy the best afternoon sunsets. The architectural design of La Brisa is dominated by environmentally friendly materials such as bamboo and woods and also dried coconut leaves for the thatch roof itself. Having two floors on it, this club is surrounded by an exclusive swimming pool. Although there is an additional charge for swimming alone, a minimum spend are applicable for the visitors who are sitting next to the pool, hence no need to pay extra fees for swimming facilities.

Looking inside, only tables and wooden chairs available to use, while in the outdoor spot they provide bean bags and fair tables along with thin carpet below. If the daylights were gone, La Brisa turns into a beautiful club with a tiny, yellow-lighted ornament, as it appears similar to the fireflies lurking around.

Still, in the outdoor area, there is a special boat-shaped corner with benches and tables installed on it. This is the most favourite spot among visitors who want to capture such an adorable frame background. Unlike the other cafes, La Brisa prefers to serve light meals and snacks such as French fries, octopus salad, tortillas, and many other preferences; rather than offer main dishes. While the beverages ranging from fresh juice, smoothies, cocktails, and of course wine and beer.

For those who want to relish their body and mind in the outdoor area, sitting in the gazebo, or resting in bean bags, you have to order food or beverages with a minimum reserve of 150 thousand rupiahs per person. Whereas if you were only meant to enjoy the indoor or garden area, you are free from minimum reservation charges.

Overall this café presents a magnificent view of the beach, inside and outside the club, only without such a proper preparation while serving a high number of visitors came ashore. For instance, letting people stand longer to wait for which seat they can occupy due to the lack of visitors’ awareness about minimum reservation spots in this café, or perhaps a less professional staff also contribute to the unpleasant situation I face when visiting this place.

This made me feel offended as it was difficult to get a seat and also less benevolent manners from the staff seems to complete their unprofessional behaviour. It’s a sheer irony how this kind of beauty possessed with a very bad service. La Brisa is located at Batu Mejan Street, Echo Beach, Canggu, Bali. The location is quite strategic and Canggu is an increasingly popular area with a lot of great tourism sites available. This club is located just off the Echo Beach. La Brisa is open daily from 12:00 until 00:00 WITA. (Aldo)


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