Enjoy the comfort of Indonesian cuisine in a green open space

One of the favorite menu items at Paradigma is rice bowl of grilled honey chicken, complemented with poached egg. (photo: IO/Aldo)

IO, Jakarta – Being in the metro­politan city, Jakarta, has made its residents thirsty for a lush and cool atmosphere. Likewise for the busi­ness of eating places, we rarely find green nuanced restaurants in the center of Jakarta City. Not many open green spaces, making one of the cafes in the Cikini area, Central Jakarta have a different concept. The presence of the Cafe Paradigm is like an oasis in the middle of a desert. Carrying out the concept of green open space, this Paradigm cafe did not take time for people throughout Jakarta to know about it. Garry, the Marketing Communi­cation of Paradigm Cafe admitted that his party deliberately carried a unique concept amidst the crowded restaurant business in Jakarta. You will not find the door in this cafe, because it’s deliberately left open.

Carrying out the concept of green open space. Paradigm Cafe gives a green peace feeling, much different from other cafes in Jakarta. (photo: IO/Aldo)

The walls were intentionally unpainted, and the floor was left without tiling. Some corners of the restaurant also has different characteristics. You can choose a spot on the edge with a chair made of cement, the front with the concept of lesehan, or the middle part of the cafe with chairs made of wood.

“Our unique feature of the con­cept carries a green open space, thus creating a comfortable atmosphere and is also very suitable if visitors want to take photos. In terms of architecture the style is more industrial. Our food menu is 100 percent local,” Garry told Inde­pendent Observer, some time ago.

Sure enough, when looking at the menu list, visitors will be spoiled with Nusantara (Archipela­go) menus from Sabang to Merauke from snacks, main menu to drinks. Garry said, this was a Paradigm ef­fort in popularizing Indonesian food and beverages to the international arena.

“We want to be a trendsetter, and open the eyes of Indonesians that Indonesian food is delicious,” Garry said.

Industrial design with local touches is very noticeable when archipelago menus such as Honey Grilled Chicken, Mendoan Tem­pe, Oxtail Fried Rice until the Acid Snack Soup is served on the table. The reason for the presentation of the menus here is very modern. For the drinks, Garry said Ice Flower Telang and Cikini Tropical Ice should not be missed when visitors are in the Cafe Paradigm.

In addition to these menus, oth­er menus such as Rendang Daging Padang, Coto Makassar, Pati Ba­kar Bumbu Tangerang, Nasi Leng­ko, Pecel Pincuk Madiun, Karedok Sumedang, to Getuk Lindri, you can also enjoy at restaurants that have opened since mid-2017. Be­sides having a typical Indonesian menu, this café is also often enliv­ened by the creative arts commu­nity. Garry said, the management was indeed happy to accommodate the communities to hold events at the Cafe Paradigm.

“We are indeed positioning itself as a place of creative, open, green meaning and we also want to help people who want to make an event here. For example, being confused about not having a place, can make it here,” he said.

Well, what you can’t miss when visiting this cafe is to capture your­self through camera shots. The rea­son is, the Cafe Paradigm has many favorite spots to take photos, one of which is a park in the front of the cafe. This area can also be used to relax in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Jakarta City.

So, are you interested in vis­iting the Cafe Paradigm? Just to note, this cafe is not far from the entrance to Cikini Station. The pric­es of food and drinks offered are also quite affordable starting from IDR 8,000 to IDR 75,000. As one of the cafes that has a unique concept and is very different from other cafes, it feels like if the Cafe Paradigm becomes a recommended place for you to eliminate fatigue at the weekend with a busy schedule of daily activities when working on Monday to Friday. (Aldo)