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Enjoy Indonesian specialties in 1945 Restaurant


IO, Jakarta – As we approach the Proc­lamation of the 73rd Independence of the Republic of Indonesia, one of the restaurants in the Jakarta Capital City that carries the theme of the celebration of independence is 1945 Restaurant. Located on the 3rd floor of Fairmont Hotel, Jalan Asia Afrika Number 8, Ge­lora Bung Karno, Central Jakarta, this fine-dining restaurant will celebrate its third birthday along with the com­memoration of Indonesia’s Indepen­dence this year, precisely on Thursday, August 17, 2018. Carrying the tagline “Indonesian cuisine reimagined “, this high-end restaurant aims to boost the culinary tastes of the archipelago so it is more well-known to the world. A variety of traditional Indonesian cuisines in­cluding street vendors are transformed into luxurious dishes that is mouth wa­tering and a feast to the eyes.

Although it is classified as an elite dining place, 1945 Restaurant has not forgotten the authenticity of Indonesia. The first time you set foot to this restau­rant, you will be welcomed by waitress­es dressed in traditional Indonesian dresses. Not to forget, various corners of the room were decorated with tradi­tional ornaments and beautiful glass and ceramic plates that reflected Indo­nesian culture. Since it was first estab­lished in 2015, 1945 Restaurant has become a favorite place for socialites and executives of the Capital to enjoy high-tea sets in comfortable lounges with interiors dominated by bright red, energetic, yet warm, in accordance with the spirit ‘ 45. In addition to the theme of Nationalism, 1945 Restaurant also promotes the presentation of dishes that have special rituals. Also known rijstafel style, waiters will line up while explaining each menu to each diners. The tradition of high-tea or afternoon tea itself is usually served between 4 and 6 in the afternoon, accompanied by a sweet snack that is sweet and de­licious to enhance appetite. Here, there are 2 choices of beverages available, namely Green Tea, Tea Set (priced at Rp. 90,000.00) and Tubruk Coffee Set (priced at Rp. 70,000.00). For tea, there are 5 choices of flavors, namely white tea, jasmine tea, green tea, pandan lime, and ginger lemongrass which are offered in individual teapots.

Apart teapot made from ceramic and the best natural stone tray, you will also get a sweet klapertart snack treat. There are also various fried foods as a complement to drinking tea and coffee typical of the archipelago. One of the favorite fried foods here is fried bakwan with rempeyek and sweet po­tatoes and taro (cassava) which has been converted to french fries with a tempting presentation. Uniquely, fries here is not too sticky or oily so it tends to be healthier, and can be enjoyed with delicious peanut sauce or with the ad­dition of cayenne pepper. In addition to fried foods, snacks that you can enjoy in 1945 are kremes, boiled peanuts, kembang goyang fritters, and emping chips and onion crackers.

A fine-dining restaurant typically serves dishes gradually. After enjoying tea time with a light snack, you can switch to a variety of menu appetiz­ers which consist of Crab Crab, Oxtail Consomme, Pecel Kembang Salad, and Timlo Foie-Gras Duck. Furthermore, various main menus await you, rang­ing from various fried rice creations to wagyu beef, gindara fish, and chicken and lamb. The variety of meat is served in the form of steak, tongseng, to sate, which reflects the blend of Nusantara and international cuisine, in accor­dance with the spirit carried by this luxury restaurant.

All of these types of foods and bev­erages can be enjoyed at prices ranging from IDR 200,000 to IDR 1,000,000. It’s a price that has been commensurated with the quality of culinary experience. As a restaurant that carries Indonesian culture, the Independent Observer rec­ommends this well-deserved restaurant for you to visit on weekends or just meet with colleagues or co-workers in the afternoon while enjoying a warm glass of coffee or tea. (Aldo)


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