Enjoy coffee with authentic Indonesian taste

Not just an ordinary coffee shop, Tanamera Coffee is a place coffee lovers can get their caffeine fix while enjoying a calming atmosphere surrounded by storytelling decorations. (photo: IO/Aldo)

IO – For those of you who claim to like and are enthusiastic about coffee, you may already be familiar with the coffee shop named Tanamera Coffee. The location is fairly strategic and in the heart of Jakarta. In this place, coffee enthusiasts can enjoy delicious coffee with character. Various coffees offered are typical and authentic types of Indonesian coffee. If you are lucky, visitors can see for themselves the coffee roasting process. This coffee shop has a very classy original Indonesian coffee collection. For the choice of coffee itself, it comes from various regions in Indonesia, such as West Papua, Flores, Aceh Gayo, Gayo Natural, Toraja, Mandailing, and various other regions. These coffees are of the Arabica type that have a distinctive flavor and are much liked by the public. Of the many coffee drinks offered, Affogato and Cappucino are the favorite choices on Tanamera besides single origin.

Affogato made from black coffee espresso is served together with vanilla ice cream and chocolate. The appearance is very beautiful and certainly can provide a great taste. The bitter and hot black coffee that is an espresso is blended perfectly with the cold and sweetness of vanilla ice cream when enjoyed. Another interesting option is Cappuccino, which is the signature blend at Tanamera. The use of selected and special coffee beans makes Cappuccino so fragrant. Not just an ordinary coffee shop, Tanamera Coffee is their ‘place of return’ that craves caffeine intake in sips full of stories. Like the origin of its name which means ‘red land’ which is a reflection of the land of Indonesia that is amazingly capable of producing the best coffees. Tanamera Coffee is a ‘home’ that is able to become a place for those who miss a cup of warm coffee with the best taste.

According to its founder Dini Criddle, Tanamera is a reflection of soil fertility in Indonesia which can grow the best coffee. For this reason, they ensure that every coffee served here is always maintained “freshness” to make visitors can enjoy the best coffee. Tanamera Coffee roasts their own coffee and this is what makes me a coffee connoisseur feel happy. Because in my opinion the coffee shop that roasted their own coffee certainly served delicious coffee and maintained its freshness. Papua Wamena with manual brewing pour over is an option that afternoon. Papua Wamena this one has fruitness, body and acidity in one gulp. Enjoyment doubled because I saw the process while talking to the baristas. Tanamera has a lot of innovation, every espresso that guests drink is an award for local coffee farmers.

“We want customers to gain more knowledge, especially from the garden where the coffee beans come from,” said Glady Marsella Patrianny, Marketing Executive Tanamera Coffee.

The Giesen brand roasting machine from the Netherlands that is used to roast coffee beans according to preference, is placed in a spacious special room inside the outlet.

“This machine is capable of roasting 60 kg of coffee beans at once. This is the capacity that meets the production of roasting our coffee beans which can reach 1 ton per month, “Gladys continued.

In the dictionary of serious coffee enthusiasts, different region coffee beans deserve to be roasted individually, in order to bring out the appropriate profile of aroma and taste. Giesen’s big machines became an important investment because hundreds of cafes trusted Tanamera as a supplier of coffee beans. The coffee grill at Tanamera won the bronze award at the Australian International Coffee Awards, Melbourne a few years ago. As a place that provides various types of coffee drinks, Tanamera is very consistent till date in providing a different experience to enjoy a glass of coffee in Indonesia. (Aldo)