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Enjoy brunch til dinner at The Goods Diner


IO, Jakarta – Socializing has become a lifestyle for metropolitan residents. Perhaps this is one factor that supports increase in gathering places like restaurants and cafes that comes with a different concept in Jakarta. One example is The Goods Diner, which you can find in SCBD, South Jakarta. Although it has been opened to the public since January 2012, the restaurant is quickly becoming one of the favorite place of urban dining, chatting and relaxing til today.

Waiters passing by and groups of people involved in exciting chats has become a typical scene in the restaurant which is still one group with The Goods Dept. (concept store which sells products of local young designer’s work). The rooms were designed without barriers, we are able to see the overall activities of the guests. There is only one long wooden partition separating the dining and bar.

The Goods Diner is nuance urban concept of industrial-style interior. Seen from white brick walls, wood floors that look dull and roof without ceiling so you can see the pipeline and timber frame. The lights are arranged in a row around the outskirts of the rooms which are mostly made of glass. Benches and a wooden table laid out very simply, elongated like an office or school canteen. However, there is a special spot that is placed in front of a small bar, in the form of two sets of tables that can accommodate 6-7 people. Small vase of yellow flowers on each table sweeten the room dominated by white and brown colours.

The interior design is no less interesting, designed by Leonard Theosabrata who managed to conjure up some areas, which was once a part of Bengkel Night Park, into an unusual diner. Keeping with the peculiarities of Leonard’s minimal design ornaments, but still impressively modern.

This restaurant is perfect as a gathering place if you come with your friends, for example 5-10 people. Indeed, many visitors who come in groups, thus the arrangement of the room tends to look ‘crowded’ but you can still freely roam around. Late in the afternoon on a weekday, you will see more office workers.  On average they pay a visit to talk while eating and unwind after a long day of work.

For food, The Goods Diner serves European and American culinary style. However, you can also find the typical foods of Asia and Indonesia. One of them is the excellent menu Coffee Rubbed burgers, thick meat and bacon with melted cheese tucked in a bun, served with potatoes and salad. Try also Filipino Short Ribs, ribs were crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. Served with gravy and garlic rice. This restaurant also features pastas, sandwiches, salads and soups. For drinks they provide tea, coffee, juice, milkshakes and alcoholic beverages such as beer, cocktail, wine, whiskey, and so forth. Prices of food ranging from Rp 25 thousand – Rp 190 thousand.

With an interior that is quite unique, a spacious place, fast service and delicious food, The Goods Diner can be listed as one of your favorite hang-out place either on weekdays or weekends. This restaurant is located at the Fairgrounds (ex-Bengkel Night Park) SCBD, Lot 14, South Jakarta. (aldo)


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