Enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine at Yabai Izakaya

Yabai Izakaya provides an authentic Japanese menu and puts Japanese culture design at the forefront. (photo: IO/Aldo)

IO, Jakarta – As the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta offers a vast amount of local and international cuisine to fulfill the needs of its residents. Some of those residents, however, are foreign workers staying in Jakarta, meaning the demand for great-tasting foreign food has made Jakarta a place where food from all over the world can be easily accessed. One example is the fare offered by Japanese restaurant Yabai Izakaya, which offers authentic Japanese food. Located in De Ritz Building, Menteng, Central Jakarta, this restaurant boasts the slogan of “The authenticity of Japanese mouth-watering cuisine at the heart of Jakarta”.

The menu in Yabai Izakaya is divided into five sections. First is the yakitori and kushiyaki (various Japanese satays), a menu for sharing, a main course, desserts, and a menu with extras, such as typical Japanese drinks. The restaurants interior makes it feel like you are in Japan, imparting an added authenticity to the food served there.

When visiting the restaurant, I highly recommend the Japanese satay kawa, which is a crunchy chicken skin satay accomplished with a miso paste and lemon slice, giving it a fresh slightly sour touch. As for the sharing menu, the must-tries are the buttered corn, cold tofu salad, gyoza, and baked scallop, all of which are great appetizers.

If you in the mood for a heavier meal, you can try the truffle gyutandon, which comes in a perfectly sized portion. The truffle gyutandon consists of rice, tasty cow tongue, and a poached egg to complete its savory flavor. As for dessert, the matcha tiramisu is the best you will find in Jakarta. The cake has a soft texture with the perfect taste and will leave you with a last good impression making you want to come back for more next time. There is also a variety of shochu which help support the Japanese atmosphere of the restaurant.

Yabai Izakaya is the perfect place to go with your family on the weekend if you are in the mood for Japanese. Other then its great Japanese atmosphere and high-quality cuisine, it is also located strategically in the middle of Jakarta. (Aldo)