Enjoy a different viewing experience with Innovative Outdoor Smart TV: Samsung the Terrace


IO – Currently, the role of technology is increasingly integral to supporting the urgent need of consumers to stay connected to the outside world while taking refuge in their respective homes. We spend more time at home with TV than ever before, with up to 32% more users using their TV at home. The moment of watching TV is indeed a pathway to the outside world; while watching the news, enjoying your favorite entertainment – and this even applies at work. The desire to enjoy the best TV experience increased, and prompted Samsung to respond to this situation by presenting TV technology that provides the most modern experience. Now, viewing restrictions have been exceeded. Samsung Electronics Indonesia officially launched the latest breakthrough in the Samsung Lifestyle TV line, The Terrace – the world’s first outdoor 4K QLED Smart TV with rugged durability in any weather.

“The past year has brought major lifestyle changes and Samsung is embracing these changes while continuing to deliver innovations to create a better future. Life goes on, and continuing to be at home makes some people yearn for the ‘outside world’ which can be responded to by being in an outdoor area in a dwelling. Samsung is breaking conventional boundaries for locations to enjoy TV content and presenting The Terrace, an outdoor TV innovation that answers consumers’ longing for outdoor experiences while enjoying 4K-quality entertainment content that is just as good as indoors, brilliant under hot or dim afternoon. Now users have the option to expand their world, enjoy the outside world from various parts of the home,” explained Fomalhaut Sundamen, Head of TV/AV Product Marketing, Samsung Electronics Indonesia.

Conventional residential designs embed a terrace or patio area as a place to gather with family. It was inconceivable before that we could watch TV broadcasts or stream VoD from the terrace because generally this is done in the family room. Samsung the Terrace goes beyond the living room experience, a testament to Samsung’s leadership in television technology, bringing all the advantages of indoor QLED TV technology to the outdoors. Not only the common features expected from a TV such as Smart TV features and wireless connection, aesthetic design, and picture quality, The Terrace also has excellent durability and brightness to provide a quality outdoor experience.

Ultra-Bright Image Q uality

The Terrace offers bright and clear views for increased visibility in all outdoor conditions. With up to 2,000 units of brightness, users are still comfortable watching TV, even in the heat of the day. The 4K QLED display with MR240 (120Hz) refresh rate is perfect for fast-moving sports and broadcast enthusiasts. In addition, the screen is equipped with Anti Reflection which minimizes unwanted reflections or glare. Coupled with Adaptive Picture technology, both in light and dark situations, The Terrace will adjust the screen brightness to display clear and sharp images. Screen brightness is increased during the day, and glare is minimized during the night or cloudy weather. To accompany this excellent picture quality, The Terrace has a builtin 20W 2ch speaker to deliver amazing audio.

Enjoy Smart TV Content in the O utdoor

Around the world, very few outdoor TVs currently offer Smart TV capabilities, so they cannot serve real-time content. Powered by Tizen, Samsung’s

Smart TV platform, The Terrace offers a variety of leading platform content that delivers limitless entertainment. Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, and AppleTV can be enjoyed, either via a built-in Wi-Fi or LAN connection. Searching for content is even easier with the Bixby voice assistant.

Want to watch TV while monitoring conversations on social media or WhatsApp? There is a MultiView feature that displays TV content and smartphone content simultaneously on one screen, with the size of each content offering able to be adjusted according to tastes and needs. To connect a smartphone to the TV, Tap View allows screen mirroring from Galaxy smartphone to TV screen with one tap. The Terrace also supports SmartThings and AirPlay2.

Resilient in Various Weather Conditions

As a TV intended for outdoor use, strength and weather resistance are very important factors. The Terrace has been certified IP55 from the International Electrotechnical Commission, which guarantees water and dust resistance, so that it functions well in a variety of environments, whether in the rain, humidity, or blowing dust. And this durability is achievable by The Terrace while simultaneously offering a sleek design at just 59.8mm thickness.

“Now premium TV can not only be enjoyed in the family room or bedroom. Each family member can also enjoy their favorite shows on their terrace with sustained quality. As people’s lifestyles continue to evolve, Samsung will continue to present innovations that provide the best user experience, which was never even imagined before, such as The Terrace,” concluded Fomalhaut.