Enjoy a cup of coffee with an urban atmosphere

The menu in On Three is quite varied with different types of coffees, appetizers, main courses, and desserts. (photo: IO/Aldo)

IO, Jakarta – The best part of enjoying Jakarta is visiting coffee shops offering different types of experiences. On Three Coffee in Senopati is one of the coffee shops which can provide this experience. Hidden behind the never-ending traffic jams and unsolvable pollution I found a great way to enjoy Jakarta’s urban atmosphere. For me, Jakarta is a city which can have be enjoyed if we want to see it from a broader perspective. And happiness for me isn’t far from enjoying a cup of coffee. Located on the third floor of Senopati Suites, On Three Coffee can only be accessed via a special elevator, making the coffee shop seem almost purposefully hidden.

I was quite surprised to find such a lovely and comfortable coffee shop in what could be said to be a rather luxurious apartment complex. You would not guess there would be a hidden coffee shop in the apartment building. The coffee shop itself was fairly large with both an indoor and outdoor space. To me, On Three Coffee’s biggest pull was its unique interior design. Nowadays, a coffee shop feels incomplete if it doesn’t have its own unique style. The red painted elevator door which leads directly to the coffee shop to the smoking area surrounded by plants made for a different atmosphere than usual. The contemporary style of the coffee shop could be seen by the white painted walls, glass windows, and doors dividing the smoking and non-smoking areas. Three contemporary paintings decorated three sides of the coffee shop and geometric-framed sofas and tables alongside acrylic seats made the coffee shop its own.

The indoor space had a minimalist design with white dominating most of the room, alongside a few paintings here and there. The coffee shop felt wide and roomy with the help of its large glass windows. The best part of the coffee shop, however, was its outdoor space. Colorful sofas and seats filled the area, making for a comfortable stay for those looking to smoke without getting too hot. As always, when I visit a coffee shop, I try their espresso, which this time could be enjoyed for Rp 25,000. The espresso itself was not bad but the what was unique was the many different types of coffees not often seen elsewhere such as the Kurogoma Coffee and Coconut Latte. The Coconut Latte was quite unique boasting a hint of coconut taste and grated coconut as a garnish. Something worth trying for those fond of the regular latte.

On Three Coffee also offers manual-brewed coffee alongside its Kurogoma Coffee with black sesame, and Spicy Peppercorn Latte with black pepper. The coffee shop also offers the usual light and heavy meals such as pasta, chicken Caesar salad, calamari, truffle fries and more. There is also an array of baked goods on display. I decided to finish off my meal with a chocolate salted caramel cake. I can recommend the coffee shop for those looking for a unique experience in both menu and atmosphere. (Aldo)