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Enjoy a cup of coffee in the middle of Jakarta’s urban forest


IO, Jakarta – The habit of drinking coffee in cafes has now become the lifestyle for most of the citizens in Jakarta, especially after the increasing popularity of coffee in Indonesia. Many modern cafes have sprung up, not only favoring the taste of the caffeinated beverage menu, but also the atmosphere of the room which further adds to the pleasure in every sip. There are those that have the atmosphere of a modern interior with the concept of industrialists, some are present a concept close to nature that is shady and warm, giving comfort and tranquility to visitors.

But now in Jakarta there is a cafe in the middle of the Jakarta forest. Which may seem like it is  impossible when you dwell on it. But, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) has made this possible by presenting the Arborea Cafe, located in the forest area of ​​the town of Arboretum, Manggala Wanabakti. Yes, the central area of ​​the city forest has been transformed so that it has a minimalist square structure. Concept of a coffee house close to nature, Arborea Cafe is increasingly reaping its popularity because it presents an unusual atmosphere and is hard to find in a metropolitan city.

Some time ago, I also had the opportunity to stop by the Arborea Cafe and try how it feels to drink a glass of coffee while enjoying the atmosphere of a shady forest. Cool and comfy, that was the first thing I felt when I set foot in the cafe area. Yes, even though it is in the midst of shady trees, but the architecture of the building has a minimalist design with a thick, modern touch, it has contrast to the surrounding natural atmosphere.

The shape of the building is no less unique, shaped like a cube with many stairs that also function as a seating area. Visitors are allowed to sit wherever they want, sit on the floor or  on chairs and bean bags that have been provided. As a coffee house, Arborea Cafe offers a variety of coffee menus, such as cappucino, latte, mochaccino, and a variety of single origin coffee menus from various parts of Indonesia. In addition, there are several other fresh drinks such as various fruit juices, lemon tea, lychee tea, ice tea, soda, and mineral water. For the food itself, most of which are sold are traditional market snacks such as fried bananas, sticky rice cakes, diamond cakes, sweet pretty cakes, pepe cakes, rolled omelet, and Surabaya layer cakes. There are also bakery menu choices such as beef pie, chicken curry pie, chicken and mushroom pie, and sweet bread.

The selection of a typical archipelago menu is to introduce the rich culinaries that Indonesia has, considering that the cafe was originally established to welcome foreign delegates participating in the 2018 Asian Games. The coffee dish also uses local coffee beans which have even won the title of premium-quality coffee specialty coffee .

“The concept of serving is indeed carrying Indonesian food, especially highlighting Indonesian coffee, there are even specialty coffee which are rarely marketed,” said Maurice as one of the architectural teams of the Ciputra Group who is one of the developers of Arborea Café.

Although it seems minimalist, all parts of the cafe building are made of rubber wood, blending in with the natural elements around it. And, the concept of a multifunctional open space is clearly something that is highlighted and is characteristic of this central forest cafe.

Interested in visiting Arborea Cafe? It’s best if you stop by in the late afternoon to enjoy the glowing yellow lights in every corner of the building while waiting for the traffic jam in Jakarta. The Arborea Café only operates from 08:00 and closes at 7:00 p.m. on Monday to Friday, unfortunately they do not operate on weekends.



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