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Energizer®’s new packaging attracts consumers


IO, Jakarta – The battery industry has grown vigorously in Indonesia. It has become much more competitive, with the presence of new contenders who aggressively seek new niches and market oppor­tunities. In order to survive and expand its business, Energizer®, as the producer of the first mercury-free AA alkaline battery in the world, continues to make great innovative and technological strides. An example is the new visuals it introduced in the “Energizer® Brand Refresh – Long Lasting Light Hearted” event held at the Fountain Hall of the Grand Indonesia West Mall, Jakarta. The change in looks perked up all of Energizer®’s products and portfolio, starting from battery products. This was the first major change performed since the gradual changes made in 2008.

In its new brand visuals, Energizer® introduced bright contemporary designs and colors in all packaging, displays, and logos of its product line, with the intent to help the consumer find the product they need more easily. Energizer®’s new positioning statement, the new slogan “Long-Lasting, Light Hearted”, is meant to show the consumer that they can tap into Energizer®’s energy and remain spirited and cheerful all day long. Energizer®’s strong belief in Power and Lighting can help support the consumer to do amazing things that they never even imagine before. The character Mr. EnergizerTM is an avatar of physical energy – a battery that remains speedy and smiling no matter what challenge or competition it faces. He is a character that lives in a real world, one filled with curiosity and spirit.

Erik Lukman, Energizer Indonesia’s Channel Director, said that “We are enthusiastic to introduce Energizer®’s new look to the Indonesian public. You need to know that in order to develop this new look, we needed three years of interacting with our consumers and studying their preferences in order to be able to offer power and fun through our products. It turns out that our consumers want bright, clear, easy-to-find packaging,” he said.

Erik further stated that “Energizer® has grown into one of the great players in battery technology globally. “With this change, we hope to redefine Energizer® brand’s position in terms of technology and innovation for our consumers worldwide, using our unique visuals and the Energizer® spirit. We hope Energizer® will be known as a brand that remains close with its consumers in all sides. Based on strong visibility and global impact, we hope that our new visual identity would symbolize a better performance for Energizer®, as well as communicating the attractions of the brand to our consumers. In the future, Energizer Indonesia will be the ‘top of mind’ brand in the battery market in Indonesia as the World’s Longest-Lasting Battery. Furthermore, we know that consumers love Mr. EnergizerTM, so we make sure that our consumers will see more of him in all of our sales channels.”


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