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Encouraging Indonesian families to express themselves


IO, Jakarta – Recognizing the importance of building quality communication in family life, Oreo, as the flagship brand of Mondelez Indonesia, aspires to make every moment exciting, presenting the #UngkapkanDenganOreo (#Express It With Oreo) campaign. This campaign provides an opportunity for Indonesian families to be more communicative and able to express themselves in creative and fun ways with Oreo Special Edition Letters. Aside from that, it is also hoped that sharing snacks that you like can also be one of the ways to bring families closer together. 

Head of Biscuit of PT Mondelez Indonesia Maggie Effendy, in a virtual press conference campaign #UngkapkanDenganOreo (#Express It With Oreo), as well as the launch of the latest Oreo’s Oreo Special Edition Letters, Wednesday (1/7), said that Oreo believes better and more effective communication will make parents and children share fun and feel full of warmth, because it takes an effort from parents to lure children to be more courageous in expressing themselves and telling stories. 

“The #UngkapkanDenganOreo (#Express It With Oreo) campaign is expected to be a creative and fun way to bridge communication barriers between parents and children to strengthen family ties to make every moment together more exciting,” explained Maggie. 

Supporting the viewpoint of Maggie, Child Psychologist and Education Dian Nirmala said the inability to communicate and express themselves openly to each other became the biggest challenge for parents to enjoy quality and pleasant moments with children. Although it seems easy & simple, this communication problem has a big impact and plays an important role in children’s growth and development. Besides, cultural elements also have a significant influence on the communication patterns of parents and children. 

However, these challenges can be overcome by doing fun activities together, by creating a comfortable environment in creative ways. According to Dian, the #UngkapkanDenganOreo (#Express It With Oreo) Campaign can be the right way to encourage parents and children to share feelings. “Fun ways like playing games or telling stories with Oreo Special Edition Letters will make children remember moments, hone interests, arouse the imagination, hone thinking skills and stimulate the ability to express an opinion,” explained Dian. 

Furthermore, Maggie explained that sharing snacks that were loved by family members could be the right moment to bring families closer together. Through the design of letters or emojis printed on one side of the biscuit and cream chip, Oreo wants to provide a pleasant new experience for parents and children in communication and expression. Oreo Special Edition Letters is available in all OREO Vanilla and Chocolate flavors to make every moment exciting and full of warmth. 

To invite more families in Indonesia to be able to communicate with each other and make “Every Moment So Exciting”, #UngkapkanDenganOreo (#Express It With Oreo) presents a digital competition that invites consumers to send messages to loved ones using Oreo Special Edition Letters. 


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