Empowering women in business

(Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO – During the COVID-19 pandemic, mass media and technology play a central role in educating, inspiring, and driving the people’s economy. Femina, as the leading women’s lifestyle media and platform in Indonesia, has made various breakthroughs in carrying out this mission. This digitally transformed platform under the auspices of PT Prana Dinamika Sejahtera or PDS is not only able to survive, it even opens up new, unusual ways in determining the direction of its media network platform. 

Together with WhatsApp, Femina promotes innovation for entrepreneurial women throughout Indonesia through the #SeeUsHearUs campaign in April 2021. This campaign aims to spread inspirational stories of women in breaking challenges and developing enterprises, as well as emphasizing the importance of women’s roles in Indonesia’s economic recovery. 

This collaboration is the first campaign initiative in the world between a messaging app and a media platform. 

The WhatsApp 50 Women Entrepreneur catalog consists of various businesses managed by women with various types of products including food, beverages, fashion, children’s clothing, and beauty. The selected MSMEs and most of them came from the Facebook Scaleup program carried out with Femina Entrepreneurs from various cities in Indonesia, such as Medan, Malang, Bali, Makassar, Bandung, Jakarta to Gorontalo. 

This year, WhatsApp supports the #WanWir Femina training, along with WhatsApp’s commitment and concern for the development of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) as an important pillar in Indonesia’s economic recovery. 

“The Femina Women Entrepreneurial Collaboration Program and WhatsApp with the creation of the WA Catalog and Sharing Business Stories is a breakthrough at the right time. After participating in various previous entrepreneurial skills development training, the WA Catalog and sharing of business stories have become a business window that expands the market. This is a real program to develop the role of women in driving the Indonesian economy,” explained Petty S Fatimah, Chief Community Officer of Femina. 

Furthermore, Petty pointed out how the development of the #Wanwir Community was a real and measurable way for Femina to implement its mission and vision in the welfare of Indonesian women, through economic independence. In this case for those who become entrepreneurs. 

“So through this program, not only is business being pursued but also women’s empowerment in business,” said Petty. “Women are learners, they might be clueless at first but they learn swiftly – that is why they know many things,” she continued. 

Meanwhile, according to Yudha Kartohadiprodjo, CEO of PRANA Dinamika Sejahtera, since long ago, the Femina group has focused on empowering women. In the past, meetings took place face-to-face, but since the pandemic, they have been diverted through the online world. So the current main mission of this program is to empower women during the pandemic. 

Femina Entrepreneurial Women Community, which is also known by the hashtag #Wanwir acronym, is a woman-owned SME community development program initiated by Femina in 2008 to accelerate the potential and performance of women entrepreneurs in Indonesia with a holistic program, from training to competition.