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Embassy of the United States: Indonesia and US agree to enhance cooperation in marine and fisheries development


IO – The United States Ambassador to Indonesia HE Joseph R. Donovan paid a working visit to the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries in Ja­karta, and was received by the Min­ister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Edhy Prabowo, Thursday (7/11). In the meeting the two discussed coop­eration in the maritime and fisheries sector that has existed between In­donesia and the US and increase the potential for cooperation that can be developed in the future. Accompany­ing the Ambassador, the Deputy Chief of Mission Heather Variava and Beney Lee the Economic, Environment and Science Officer.

The Ambassador congratulated Minister Edhy Prabowo for his ap­pointment as Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries. He said, “So far the cooperation in the maritime and fisheries sectors of the two countries has been well established. The coop­eration includes training on supervi­sion of marine and fisheries resources involving KKP and related ministries / institutions (K / L), Marine Biodi­versity and Sustainable Fisheries Program (MBFSP) KKP-USAID, and Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA).”

While in the investment sector, the Ambassador informed that one US company, Forever Oceans Cor­porations (FOC) has already estab­lished an on-going cooperation with the North Sulawesi Regional Govern­ment to develop Amberjack fish farm­ing offshore for export to the US.

Ambassador Joseph also sub­mitted a proposal related to the US warship, USS Houston which sank in the waters of Banten during the world war which is a tomb for 600 US sailors so that it has great signifi­cance in US history. “If you wish, we hope that the Ministry can establish the sinking area of the USS Houston as an Maritime Conservation Area. This has great significance for us. If allowed, we are ready to help man­age the maritime conservation area and provide training (capacity build­ing) for managers and provide social assistance for residents around the area,” he said.

Meanwhile Minister Edhy Prabowo said, “Illegal fishing in Indonesian wa­ters is an act that is very detrimental to Indonesia so that his Ministry will never stop fighting it. We will ensure that the KKP’s policy in the future will not conflict with the spirit of combat­ing illegal fishing,” said Minister Edhy

Minister Edhy continued, in accor­dance with the President’s mandate, he would build good communication with all marine and fisheries stake­holders and focus on maximizing the potential of aquaculture in Indonesia. Related to this, he did not rule out the possibility of cooperation between the two countries.

He also expressed his apprecia­tion for the assistance given by the US, particularly in the maritime and fisheries sector. “Hopefully our friend­ship and cooperation between Indo­nesia and the US can continue to be improved,” he said.

Regarding the request to make the location of the sunken USS Houston a maritime conservation area, Edhy Prabowo said that in principle he supports the idea. (Haris Winarto, Editor:BB/IR)


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