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Embassy of the Republic of Guatemala: Republic of Guatemala officially has an embassy in Indonesia


IO – 26 years after its office in Jakarta was shuttered, the Embassy of the Republic of Guatemala has finally reopened. In 1993, Guatemala closed its embassy due to economic problems even though the office had only been opened the previous year. Indonesia and Guatemala were only in contact when meeting at international forums. Guatemala, a country in the Central American region, again inaugurated its embassy in Jakarta, at an event attended directly by the Indonesian Minister of Foreign Affairs, HE Retno Marsudi and the Minister of Foreign Affairs HE Sandra Jovel Polanco, Tuesday (10/12/2019) evening. The Guatemalan Embassy is located in the World Trade Center (WTC) I building in Sudirman, Central Jakarta. 

In her opening remarks, HE Retno revealed several factors that prompted Guatemala to re-open its embassy not only in Indonesia, but also in other countries in Asia. The main factor is the factor of good economic growth in the ASEAN region. Another factor is the admirable political stability of the Southeast Asian region. The Foreign Minister said, “Not to mention that when we talk about political stability in Southeast Asia, in the past 52 years we have seen no significant turmoil in Southeast Asia, and we know that it is due to ASEAN. So, I am sure that what Guatemala sees is a good opportunity that can be obtained from Southeast Asia from Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries, for efforts to advance the interests of Guatemala’s friendship with countries in Southeast Asia, “ 

“I congratulate Foreign Minister Sandra on reopening the Guatemalan Embassy in Jakarta,” Foreign Minister Retno said after holding a bilateral meeting with the Guatemalan Foreign Minister. 

Meanwhile, Guatemalan Foreign Minister Sandra Jovel Polanco took time to go to Jakarta, and this was the Guatemalan foreign minister’s first visit to Indonesia since the two countries opened diplomatic relations in 1992. The Guatemalan Embassy became the 106th embassy of a friendly country in Jakarta, as well as the 14th embassy in a group of Latin American and Caribbean countries. 

In his remarks, Sandra stated she hoped that the reopening of her embassy in Jakarta would strengthen bilateral cooperation not only politically but also economically. 

She said, “I feel very honored to be in the Republic of Indonesia with the purpose of officially inaugurating the headquarters of the Embassy of Guatemala in the beautiful and modern city of Jakarta where years ago a diplomatic link was established for the first time” 

She also stressed the importance of the act for Guatemala is the fruit of successful bilateral dialogue between both nations, “Our governments are extremely interested in strengthening the ties of friendship and cooperation that identify us mutually” she added. (OHW)


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