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Embassy of Singapore: Annual Charity Bazaar 2019


IO – After successfully holding the An­nual Charity Bazaar several times before, the Singapore Embassy holds the same event this year at the courtyard and hall of the Singapore Embassy on Thursday, October 3rd, 2019.

The bazaar brought together over 50 vendors selling trendy fashion, unique hand-made accessories, ar­tisanal home deco items, traditional handicrafts, and a delicious spread of some favorite Indonesian and Sin­gapore food, all under one roof. The program which is held at the end of the year by the Singapore Embassy every year, always manages to at­tract many traders and buyers.

Caroline Tobing, one of the ven­dors, feels excited about the organi­zation of this event. The woman, who is married to an expatriate who lives in Jakarta, claimed to have partici­pated in this annual event seven or eight times; she is not really sure, and plans to join the same program years to come. She always looks for­ward to joining the program on the grounds that she is able to promote the products made by the people in her Foundation. Note that she ded­icates her life by helping people by facilitating them to create one hand­icraft then selling the product to those who are interested in buying it. By doing so, she saves the people’s heritage and even develops it.

Sugrahetty, a young woman who works in an office in Kuningan, ex­pressed her happiness in organiz­ing this event. She and her friends always took the time to participate in buying some of the products that she could only find at Bazaar or she has to shop directly in Singapore. She also always enjoys the culinary delicacies that are sold by traders who serve typical Singaporean and Indonesian food. (ohw)


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