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Embassy of Russian Federation: International Inter-University conferences Ecosystem of digital economy


IO – The Embassy of Russian Federation, together with the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Jakarta hold an International Inter-University Conference in Russia, with the theme ‘Ecosystem of the Digital Economy’ held at the Russian Center of Science and Culture in Jakarta on November 19-20, 2019. 

The International Conference, which invited lecturers from several universities in Indonesia, presented several professors from well-known universities in Russia as keynote speakers at the conference, including:

1. Nekipelov Andrei Valentinovich. From Russian State Social University. Vice Rector for Educational Work. 

2. Ben Rejeb Taoufik. From Moscow Technical University of Telecommunication and Informatics (MTUTI). 

3. Dmitry Mikhailovich Klionskiy. From Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University. Deputy Dean for International Affairs (Faculty of Computer Science and Technology). 

4. Sobolev Alexander Evgenevich. From Tver State Technical University. 

5. Gubin Evgeni Ivanovich. From National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University. Information Technology Department. 

The programs of the conference deal with the State and Society. Marketing and Advertising, Finance and Trade, Infrastructure and Communications; Media and Entertainment; Cybersecurity, and Education and human resources, while the Submitted projects and development are in the areas of: Development and Design, Analytics and Data, Artificial Intelligence and Big data, Hardware, Business models, Internet of things, Mobile Technologies, Tools, Software and Platforms. 

Dmitri M Klionskiy, a PhD and Associate Professor from Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University, hopes that by conducting this conference there will be a transfer of knowledge of the latest technologies of the Russian government and at the same time inviting Indonesian students to continue studying at Russian universities that are affordable but of high quality. 

Theresia Marditama, who currently serves as Vice Rector II of Universitas Kebangsaan Republik Indonesia Bandung said, “We gained a lot of new knowledge that will be very useful to be implemented in our university; therefore, UKRI will soon explore cooperation with several universities in Russia. We will facilitate UKRI lecturers and students to apply for scholarships to continue their studies. “ (OHW)


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