Thursday, July 25, 2024 | 19:02 WIB

Elections fund yet to be fully disbursed, here is what KPU does


Jakarta, IO – The General Elections Commission (KPU) has crafted a strategy regarding the remaining budget for the 2024 elections which has not been disbursed, which amounted to Rp2.4 trillion of the total Rp8 trillion needed.

“We have made a priority scale regarding the budget. The immediate initial stages are registration and factual verification. We also shifted some of the budget allocations for later agenda so the initial stages can be done first,” said KPU member Yulianto Sudrajat on Thursday (28/7).

Yulianto said the commission continues to coordinate with the Finance Ministry’s budgeting director general and KPU secretary general.

Meanwhile, regarding the registration process for political parties, Yulianto ensured that it would be conducted from August 1-14.


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