Election Commission demands political parties’ Administrators List

Election Commission (Komisi Pemilihan Umum – “KPU”) Chairman Arief Budiman. (Photo: Harian Umum)

IO – The upcoming Simultaneous Regional Elections on 9 December 2020 will see the participation of 16 political parties. However, 5 of these have not yet submitted their List of Administrators, even though submission of the Decree concerning the Political Party List of Administrators is a mandatory requirement for enrolling in the 2020 Simultaneous Regional Elections. Election Commission (Komisi Pemilihan Umum – “KPU”) Chairman Arief Budiman stated that KPU already possesses political party Administrator data from Central, Provincial, down to Regency and Municipal levels. However, if the parties have updated their Administrator data, KPU urges them to submit this update one day at the latest before the Candidate registration period for the 2020 Elections starts. “In other words, 11 out of 16 political parties have updated their Administrator data,” he said at the KPU Head Office in Jakarta recently. 

KPU member Evi Novida Ginting Manik states that the complete, latest political party Administrator data is important for KPU, as it will help Provincial, Regency, and Municipal KPU offices maintain a uniform reference of Party Candidates and Administrators during registration. “It is necessary to prevent any overlap or uncertainty concerning internal political party administration at provincial, regency, and municipal levels. We hope that the political parties’ Central Leadership Councils can submit their Decrees concerning the latest Administrator Update to provincial, regency, and municipal KPU branches as quickly as possible,” he said. 

KPU Regulations stipulate the deadline for submitting this document as right before the Candidate Registration Period starts. However, KPU requests that submission is made a month before registration starts, because electoral organizers need time to distribute the documents to regional-level KPU branches. 

Arief stated that several political parties claimed to have not finished compiling the List and requested time extension prior to submission to KPU. Therefore, these parties have coordinated their rescheduling of List of Administrator submission within the next few days with KPU. “We hope that this critical message reaches political parties who have not submitted their List of Administrators to hurry up and submit, to ensure that all documents are properly received and distributed by the time Candidate Registration starts,” he said. 

The steps in registering Candidate Pairs are as follows: 

1. Announcement of Candidate Pair registration (28 August-3 September 2020) 

2. Candidate Pair registration (4-6 September 2020) 

3. Verification of administrative requirements of candidacy (4-6 September 2020) 

4. Announcement of Candidate Pair documentary requirements, and announcement of documents correctly received (4-8 September 2020) 

5. Response and input from the public (4-8 September 2020) 

6. Health check (4-11 September 2020) 

7. Announcement of health check results (11-12 September 2020) 

8. Verification of candidacy documentary requirements (6-12 September 2020) 

9. Announcement of verification results (13-14 September 2020) 

10. Announcement of documents that Candidates must correct (14-22 September 2020) 

11. Submission of corrected Candidate document requirements (14-16 September 2020) 

12. Verification of corrected document requirements (16-22 September 2020) 

13. Nomination of Candidate Pairs (23 September 2020) 

14. Drawing of lots for determining Candidate number (24 September 2020)