Elang System takes second place in Gemastik XIII Smart City category

(from left) Raisa Zahra Fadila, Muhammad Akbar Makhbubi, and Tiara Hikmata Billah. (Photo: ITB)

IO, Surabaya – Innovations by students of the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) have never ceased. The current example came from three students from the Urban and Regional Planning Department and the Information Systems Department, members of the ION Team. The collaboration of students from these two departments enabled the development of an innovative smart ticket system called the Elang System. 

ION Team Leader Muhammad Akbar Makhbubi explained that the transportation system is crucial for the effectiveness of a city. However, there are still many cases of traffic violations in Indonesia, causing them to cause other traffic problems such as congestion and accidents. In Indonesia, one of the ways to suppress traffic violations is by police ticketing errant drivers. 

“Unfortunately, the ticketing process in Indonesia is still marked by the practice of bribery or extortion, so that in addition to worsening the image of the police, this phenomenon also affects the results of Indonesia’s Corruption Perception Index in the eyes of the world,” said Bobi, his nickname, in a release received by the Independent Observer, Friday (6/11/2020). 

This phenomenon is what motivated Bobi and his two colleagues, Tiara Hikmata Billah and Raisa Zahra Fadila, to develop the Electronic Ticketing System or abbreviated as the Elang System. The ION team was guided by a lecturer from ITS, Putu Gde Ariastita ST MT. This eagle-eye system works by integrating input data from closed-circuit television captures and public complaints. 

Elang System utilizes Deep Learning technology on CCTV and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the data processing. The processed data is presented in a web-based application with the help of the Laravel Framework. Unlike other electronic ticketing systems, the Elang System has several advantages that are outlined in web features, such as a public complaint feature for reporting violations, a new feature that is updated every time, to various payment features so that it can facilitate the ticketing process for the public. 

Another advantage, in terms of its usefulness for the government, is that CCTV cameras can also be used to perform Traffic Counting automatically, enabling a count of Average Daily Traffic and Origin-Destination data, more quickly and accurately. This data is important in transportation system planning. “If the data is processed, it can produce output in the form of a Decision Support System (DSS) which can help the government in making decisions or policies,” said this second-year student. 

With good results, the Elang System received recognition at the national level by winning a silver medal in the XIII National Student Performance in the field of Technology, Information, and Communication (Gemastik), in the Smart City category. Gemastik XIII is a competition organized by the National Achievement Center under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and Culture with Telkom University, one which takes place online. 

ION is an acronym for ITS Online, chosen because all team members are ITS Online reporters, namely, the ITS official news team under the coordination of the ITS Public Communication Unit. “Usually we are in charge of reporting student achievements. That is one of our motivations to also excel,” he said. (est)