Eid pilgrimage – an IDR 8,000 trillion tourism business

Taufan Rahmadi
Taufan Rahmadi, National Tourism Strategist.

Jakarta, IO – The yearly Eid home pilgrimage, better known as “Mudik,” is an annual social phenomenon. Mudik, the return by people to their home town, is considered an obligatory Indonesian holiday. The expedition commences towards the Eid holiday, Christmas and New Year. 

Data acquired from the Research and Development Agency of the Ministry of Transportation (Balitbang Kemenhub) shows that 85.5 million Indonesians will journey back to their home town for the 2022 Eid. Java island is recorded to have the highest number of this yearly pilgrimage, with 49.9 million people heading back to their hometown, or nearly 58.4 percent of the total estimated number of pilgrims. East Java would sit on the first rank, with 14.6 million people coming home, or 17 percent of the total of estimated pilgrims, followed by Jabodetabek with 14 million people, and Central Java with 12.1 million people. 

Forty-seven percent or around 40 million travelers prefer to use their private vehicles to travel to their hometowns, while 31 percent of travelers choose land public transportation for the home journey. 

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Bank Indonesia data predicted the currency in circulation during the 2022 Eid would reach IDR 8,000 trillion. The anticipated number swells 4.26 percent compared to the usual months at IDR 7,672.4 trillion. Since it involves an extreme sum of money, the moment will positively impact the Indonesian economy. 

The Central and Regional governments and the tourism businesses have prepared the tourist destinations with events and local products for the yearly pilgrims, who are expected to revive accommodation, food & beverages and transport businesses.