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Educational toys increasingly popular

IO – We should be proud of the development of the educa­tional wooden toy industry in our nation. Not only is there a great variety of toys but also in recent years the quality of wooden toys has improved. Indonesia should really be proud, as step by step this serious effort has paid off. The national toy industry in now able to compete: we don’t even need to import educational children’s toys, as there are plenty in the nation.

One those toy makers is Omocha Toys. This producer and distributor of education toys was established in 2007 and has many customers. Omocha Toys stated that it has been continuously creating toys since its establishment from its home office in Gara Mainan Omocha Toys, Jalan Abdullah Bin Nuh No. 100, Bubulak, Bogor.

Educational toys made from wood must use safe materials; one way is to use water-based paint. The toys’ shape and size must be in accordance with Indonesian National Standards (SNI) so they do not endanger chil­dren. Other than that, they also must support the development of children appropriate to their age. Wood is the main choice for material, as it is safe and is durable.

Currently many parents in Indo­nesia are becoming more aware of the quality of toys and are moving from cheaply-made toys that only entertain to toys to toys that also educate. As this phenomenon develops, it’s no wonder that local Indonesian toys can start to compete and even beat imported toys.

Besides that, as you have chosen locally made toys you can also support the domestic economy, including the skilled and trained workforce. By buy­ing Indonesian products, their busi­nesses can continue to operate sustain­ably and innovate. The development of this sector will also help create jobs for the Indonesian workforce. (Nanda)

The employee is tidying up the toy stock at the Omocha Toys warehouse. (photo: IO/Yoga Agusta)
Educational toys selection, smooting and painting process. (photo: IO/Yoga Agusta)
Educational toys selection, smooting and painting process. (photo: IO/Yoga Agusta)
Product design process. (photo: IO/Yoga Agusta)

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