Echoing the voice of women through works by female authors

The novels 'Gincu Sang Mumi' (‘Mummy’s Lipstick’) by Tamura Toshiko and 'Air Susu Ibu' (‘Mother’s Milk’) by Nora Ikstena have been translated into Indonesian. (IO/Umamah)

Jakarta, IO – Gender bias often results in women occupying a lower status in life. Not being given the same opportunities as men, most women have to struggle to prove that they are capable of standing on their own feet.

Empowered women can bring ‘fresh air’ for the progress of a nation’s civilization. This is what two Indonesian translators — Asri Pratiwi Wulandari from Mai Publisher and Windy Ariestanty from the Renjana Literacy Group – believe in.

They recognize that inequality is a very real problem and it exists in many parts of the world. It was this inequality that made Asri and Windy decide to translate stories from Japan and Latvia, in order to show a portrait of women as they try to face the challenges in those countries.