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Eating local flavors in Mendjangan Resto


IO, Jakarta – Finding a restaurant in the middle of Jakarta that serves a variety of unique culinary taste of Indonesia is not difficult. However, in the middle of dense office, this one restaurant presents a very different concept that is by decorating the entire restaurant like your own home. Located at Kemang, Jalan Kemang 1 No 2, Mendjangan Restaurant offers a restaurant with the concept of home. This place conjures the building that was once home, a restaurant with a taste of typical cuisine of the archipelago.

“The atmosphere is offered like an ordinary house, there is a terrace, there is a main room, there is a back porch plus a swimming pool for children, there is also a meeting room at the top, made as comfortable as possible,” said Mourina Irawan as the owner of Resto Resto.

Visitors can choose from three dining areas, indoor dining area, dry garden dining area, and poolside dining area. Dining atmosphere can be selected according to the taste of visitors. In the rooms there is also a sofa, canopy, and other places to relax. The interior of this restaurant has many typical Indonesian handicrafts such as wicker rattan and parang batik patterns in some ornaments.

Dishes are served armed from the catering business culinary Indonesia who was cultivated Mourina before. There are Solo Strait, Nasi Bali, Nasi Campur ala Mendjangan, Ayam Besengek, Soto Padang, Fried Rice Jambal Roti, Tahu Telor and various other culinary.

“The taste of Archipelago (Nusantara) cuisine served is the taste of home-cooked dishes that have existed since ancient times, cooked by our parents, then packaged in a modern form in terms of presentation,” said Mourina.

“This Besengek chicken is not anywhere else it is a mainstay menu in Mandjangan restaurant.This is a recipe derived from my grandmother and my mother. It is a tradition in the big family if there is a certainty gathering event at my mother’s house and eat this chicken,” said this bloody woman of Sunda, Cirebon, and Arab.

According to Mourina Irawan, the restaurant owner said if all the flavors presented are honest as they are.

“It does not seem to be married or twisted with the taste of other country cuisine, honestly in terms of price and quality,” said the woman who is familiarly called Mona.

Mona also told me, restaurant business is the development of catering business that lived since 2005. Catering also only serves Indonesian cuisine for arisan, weddings, and so forth.

“From the very beginning, I really wanted to have a restaurant, but still wanted to collect the recipe first, increase the flying hours,” he said.

To enjoy the variety of dish, visitors can choose a menu that is served, buffet or a la carte. There are some menus that are only available on buffet dishes, and there are some menus that are only available on a la carte dishes. The restaurant also serves some special menus that can be enjoyed by children. For prices ranging from Rp 40,000 to Rp 100,000 for food and beverages. (Aldo)


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