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East Java Nahdlatul Ulama clergy: This riot is the accumulated result of unfair and dishonest elections


IO, Jakarta – “The ulema and clergy of the renowned civil organization Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), specifically from the Cultural Section in East Java, are concerned about the subsequent victims in the riots that occurred in our capital city of Jakarta on 21-22 May 2019, mostly in a number of areas in Central Jakarta,” said Kiai Haji Ahmad Fauzi Afandi in the press conference held with the alim ulama (religious scholars) of East Java, including Gus Aam, KH Ahmad Fauzi Afandi, KH Rozy Shihab, KH Fadholi M. Ruham, and Ustadz Lieut. Col. Sugito at Sofyan Hotel, Menteng, Jakarta, on Wednesday (22/5/2019).

“We firmly believe that this tragedy and riot are the accumulated result of our Elections having failed to adhere to the principles of “luber” (“langsung, umum, bebas, rahasia” – direct, public, free, and confidential) and “jurdil” (“jujur dan adil” – fair and honest),” Kiai Haji Ahmad said.

Kiai Ahmad reiterates that the Government should immediately attend to the injured and dead victims, otherwise, there is a high potential for widespread escalation. “We request that the Government, specifically the Police, to be fair, professional, and proportional in order to prevent more victims from falling,” he advised. (dsy)


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