E-learning, safe and comfortable amid the pandemic

Features of Sekolah.mu. (Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO – The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has exerted a huge impact on various aspects of life, including education. In Indonesia, more than three months of teaching and learning have been shifted from classroom to home. Considering effectiveness, safety, and convenience, full online learning methods have become a viable option amid the Large-Scale Social Restrictions (Pembatasan Sosial Berskala Besar- “PSBB”) imposed since early March 2020. 

Online learning methods or “e-learning” is nothing new to the community, as it has been commonly applied at the elementary education level, no longer limited to universities with more mature students. This shows how the growth of the online learning industry in Indonesia is increasing rapidly. 

However, it cannot be denied that the change to online learning methods is currently a challenge for service providers and users. “Teaching is not easy, especially virtually. More effort and time is needed in preparation compared to conventional teaching. Organizing online classes also depends on internet connections and audio and video quality so that the material is conveyed properly. Emotional support from teachers is also more difficult to impart to students,” observed Jenny Ernawati, an English teacher. 

Until now, many platforms have been developed to minimize deficiencies in online teaching, one of which is Sekolah.mu. “For teachers like me, this platform supports and facilitates teaching and learning activities while helping to monitor student progress. We get assistance and training in dealing with change and a variety of interesting materials. The method also helps to increase our capacity and creativity in delivering material more ‘lively’ and attractively. It also encourages students not to get bored studying independently and have a contextual experience,” Jenny said. 

She added that in e-learning, similar to her experience, many teachers find it difficult to discern the real conditions of their students in distance learning because there is no direct interaction. Even so, these limitations do not become a barrier, because learning can be carried out from anywhere for a better future. 

“We are all in a transition to new normalcy to continue to live and carry out daily activities. Therefore we strive to create the best solutions, including for teachers. We provide a place for teachers to be able to communicate with each other and share knowledge. Thus, teachers can create innovation and work without limits in providing the best online learning programs,” said Anggayudha, Head of Teacher Development at Sekolah.mu. 

This platform is claimed to have a vision of “Collaboration for the Future of Indonesian Education”. Collaboration with various parties ranging from schools, educational institutions, tertiary institutions, community organizations to the private sector, helping to enrich the source of knowledge, learning content, and innovation in terms of teaching delivery. Currently, Sekolah.mu has more than 500 study programs, 500 school partners, and 100 corporate partners. 

He added that Sekolah.mu presents digitally integrated learning, with a curriculum structure that is personal and flexible, following interests and talents. This platform also provides the best choice programs for various levels of education, as well as interesting training and special programs which are aimed at growing student competence in the future. (*/est)