Drive-In Concert presents famous homeland singers

(Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Jakarta – Presenting the latest entertainment, it’s Another Brilliant Show presented by Berlian Entertainment for seekers of off-air concert entertainment in Jakarta. “Drive-In Concert”, a concept of a concert that is different from the usual concerts that can be used as a relief and release for those who miss entertainment in the country. “Drive-In Concert” is the first watching a concert from car in Indonesia, which is initiated by Berlian Entertainment with Mata Elang Productions and Mahaka Radio Integra as an innovative entertainment concept adapted from the Drive-In Cinema concept or watching a film in a car/vehicle that was quite popular in 1950s to 1970s. At present, Berlian Entertainment intends to make it a concept to watch musical concert performances; the event is a form of commitment from Berlian Entertainment as Your One Stop Entertainment Provider which always presents ‘Brilliant’ performances to music lovers in Indonesia. 

The inaugural Drive-In Concert will feature a number of Indonesia’s top musicians and is planned to take place in August in Jakarta. What distinguishes this Drive-In Concert with concerts in general is that all visitors who already have tickets will be able to enjoy the show safely and comfortably in their respective vehicles or cars while following the health and distance protection protocol (Social Distancing) that is being applied by the government to the current global era of a pandemic. 

“It’s Another Brilliant Show: we as entertainment business players who also have a big impact from the pandemic must be able to continue to innovate to provide exciting entertainment that can be adapted to the current conditions/circumstances. If in the past there was a Drive-In Cinema, this time we make a different, Drive-In Concert. When we announced the Drive-In Concert, it received quite positive attention from entertainment lovers in the country; we first released a teaser campaign on May 4 and received an extraordinary reception. For the Drive-In Concert we will create a stage with spectacular lighting and also the appearance of famous country musicians who can be followed directly by fans in their respective cars with sound output out of the FM radio frequency broadcasting in the car of the audience with a note that they should always follow the health protocol and apply Social Distancing in force so that all viewers will be able to enjoy this show with a sense of security and comfort,” said Dino Hamid as Project & Creative Director of Berlian Entertainment.