Dr. Kartono Mohammad: The doctor with sharp vision has gone

Dr. Kartono Mohammad. (Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO – Indonesia’s health world mourns. Former Chair of the Indonesian Medical Association (IDI), Dr. Kartono Mohammad died Tuesday, April 28. He was interred on Wednesday 29 April at Karet Bivak Public Cemetery, Jakarta. Kartono Mohamad served as Chairman of IDI for the period 1985-1988. 

“He is the chairman of IDI, one who was very inspiring and egalitarian,” said Chairman of IDI for the 2018-2021 period, Daeng M Faqih, as quoted by Kompas. 

While serving as chairman, Kartono strengthened IDI with the formation of the Indonesian Medical Ethics Honorary Council. He also played a role in the formation of the IDI Member Defense Agency. This body is needed to assist doctors when dealing with medical ethics issues. 

Kartono, born in Batang, Central Java, July 13, 1939, was also known to be critical. He often contributed articles to various media. Many things were shared in his writings, ranging from basic health issues, health policy, and service issues, the profession of doctors, medical ethics, hospitals, to medicine. His explanation was comprehensive in easy to understand language. 

He has written various books, including First Aid and Contradictions in Reproductive Health. “Doctor Kartono’s ideas had inspired me since I was a child and when I was studying at Faculty of Medicine Indonesia University. His lecture notes and textbooks helped me to study medicine,” wrote Pandu Riono, an epidemiologist from Faculty of Public Health Indonesia University, in his Twitter account. 

Kartono is known as a doctor with a very sharp and far-sighted vision of public health. Elder brother of writer Goenawan Mohammad diligently “recruited” and formed an ideology of advocacy in young people. 

Indonesia lost a warrior doctor who had a strong vision of public health. Doctors who not only think of themselves but dedicate themselves to social welfare. 

Goodbye, doctor Kartono. (rp)