Don’t sell us out (Pertamina)!

Pertamina Workers Union join together to protest in front of the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprise (BUMN). (photo: IO/Yoga)

IO, Jakarta – No fewer than 1,200 workers from the PT Pertamina Workers Union joined together to protest in front of the Ministry of State-owned Enterprises (BUMN), on Friday (20/07). The workers were against the proposed sale of PT Pertamina assets and the acquisition of PT Pertagas by PT Perusahaan Gas Negara (PGN). The demonstration was done held nationally by a subsidiary of Pertamina’s workers union under the United Federation of Pertamina Workers Union (FSPBB).

President of the United Federation of Pertamina Workers Union Arie Gumelar delivered a speech, referring to Presidential Decree (Perpres) No. 43/2018 concerning the change in Perpres No. 191/2014 on the provision, distribution and retail price of automotive fuel. According to FSPPB, the price of Special Petroleum Type Assignment (JBKP), namely premium and diesel fuel, which have not been raised since April 2016, has inflicted grave financial losses on Pertamina, exacerbated by the hike in the global price of crude oil, now above Rp. 14,300. Pertamina has consequently suffered significant financial troubles.

The losses caused by Special Petroleum Type Assignment (JBKP) violate Law No. 19/2003 concerning fuel, says FSPBB. These losses in turn affect the ability of Pertamina to stock fuel.

One of the messages from the United Federation of Pertamina Workers Union (FSPBB). (photo: IO/Yoga)

The FSPBB also states that according to the 1945 Constitution, oil and gas are important natural resources for the country and concern the needs of many people. They must be under the management of the state and used for the benefit and welfare of its citizens. Meanwhile, Ministerial Decree No. 23/2018 does not reflect the interest of the people and the constitution, in prioritizing oil and gas contractors other than Pertamina, a fully state-owned company.

FSPBB has demanded the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) increase fuel subsidies or retail fuel prices to match current economic conditions, and consequently revoke Minsterial Decree No. 23/2018. (Syahrul)