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Don’t panic when your baby gets feverish


Jakarta, IO – Across the ages, all over the world, new mothers with babies younger than five all tend to panic when the apple of their eye becomes feverish – which is to be expected, as babies with a fever of at least 38o Celsius tend to become fussy. After all, they are feeling heat and pain, but they are unable to express themselves in any other way than crying. 

Donita, TV presenter and mother of two, admits that she tends become panic and anxious whenever Svarga, her elder child, catches a fever. “I never wait until my child’s ever reaches 38o Celsius. I give him temperature-lowering medicine even if the fever is only 37o C, as he has a history of suffering from seizures,” she declared in the “Proris: Turning Gloom into Calm” media meet on Wednesday (01/03/2023). 

During the same event, Samanta Elsener, M.Psi., child and family psychologist, declared that maternal panic under this circumstance is quite natural. However, it is important for mothers to control this panic, so that they can treat the ailing child properly. 

“Yes, mothers do tend to get panicky and anxious. Therefore, the first thing to do in such a situation is to try and calm themselves. If the child sees that their mother gets worried and anxious, they too will become panicky and fussy, and their condition will worsen. After having calmed herself down, the mother must immediately check on the child’s condition and administer first aid. For example, they might give a medication that suits the child’s type of illness,” she said. 


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