Doctor Handoko Gunawan: Suffers from fatigue while treating Covid-19 patients

Hopefully Dr. Handoko Gunawan quickly regains his health. (Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO – Doctor Handoko Gunawan is now going viral in cyberspace. This 80-year-old doctor fought in the forefront of treating patients with Covid-19. He worked until 3 o’clock in the morning.

Handoko’s children had advised their father not to jump in because of his age, but the doctor answered firmly. “Even if I had to die, it’s fine,” said Handoko.

“May you please also pray for one of the doctors who handle Covid-19, doctor Gunawan, a pulmonary ex­pert in Graha Kedoya, who is close to 80. At present, he continues to work until 3 am. His children had advised him not to be involved, but he commented even if he had to die “…it’s okay” wrote the @elsyandria Twitter account.

Handoko was apparently ex­hausted, he was sick and had to be hospitalized. “Dr. Handoko Gun­awan is currently in charge of com­petent hospital and medical staff. “Dr. Handoko is in a conscious con­dition and can communicate well (of course communication is limited),” wrote Dr. Handoko Gunawan’s fam­ily through a short message as writ­ten by, on Wednes­day, March 17.

The family also expressed their gratitude for the public’s sympathy for the doctor.

“We’re a big family of Dr. Han­doko Gunawan thanked profusely for all the attention, sympathy and prayers offered to Dr. Handoko Gu­nawan, both from friends, relatives, netizens and all levels of society who provide encouragement and sup­port. May God the Almighty repay all of you.”

His courage in handling Corona­virus patients is a public concern. The thing is, Corona is a deadly vi­rus, especially for elderly people. In fact, working until 3 o’clock in the morning is also difficult even for younger people.

We send grateful thanks for his dedication and sincerely hope that Doctor Handoko Gunawan will re­cover quickly. (rp)